Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Me Where You Live...Kitchen Edition

One of the blogs I follow has started 'Show Me Where you Live' where all us bloggers show a little piece of our homes. Well here is my kitchen for this week :)

The kitchen is huge and open and hopefully one day we can add an island in the middle for more counter space.

Yes, yes there are dirty dishes from today. I wanted it to look real so I didn't bother to do them lol
The light fixture is one of my favorite this in the kitchen/dinning room

Here is my coffee noock where I go every morning for the hot fresh cup of joe

I had painted these words, while preggo with Sydnee, to go with my kitchen theme which is black, red, and white and chief theme

Here is out engagment picture and all our wedding guests signed the mat around it. The picture on the left was from my baby shower and all the ladies that attended signed. The frame on the right will have a cute picture of the girls once I get around to it lol

I have had this votive candle holder for a very long time. I would love to have more one day

One cool thing about the kitchen is we have a hide-a-way like pantry

So here is the chef theme for my kitchen based on these towels. A wish list of mine is to have a chef cookie jar. I think it would look cute.

So we have this built in noock in the kitchen and I still haven't decided what to put there. Any ideas?


Jessica said...

I like how you incorporated a wedding picture! I have a wedding picture in my kitchen too! : )

Jennifer said...

Very open - I love it. I think an island would look great. As for the nook - what about making it a cubbie/catch all area. You could put some hooks there for keys, maybe a white/chalk board for messages and pictures, maybe a basket or tray for cell phones, etc. Just a thought!

pumpkinpatches said...

Your kitchen is so wide an open I LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

How about putting shelving in the nook. You could use it to store cook books and cute kitchen accessories!

fordfamily said...

I love the wide open room! I like the idea about putting shelves in and using it for cook books! And maybe a few pictures!

Christie C. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kitchen is so big! I love the words you have above the cabinets - I may have to copy that idea :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Connie said...

Came over from Kelly' island would be a great addition to your kitchen. Love your words above your cabinets. Connie