Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life in the Klein house

I have been a horrible blogger lately. With babies and working a ton of overtime at work haven't had much time but I am fixing that today!

First off the girls:

We celebrating Sydnee's birthday July 10th who turned 2 yrs old this year. When I took her to the dr she was completely healthy weighting 27lbs and 2 feet tall. She is the most shy out of all the girls and has been very clingy to mommy lately. Most likely its cause I have been working and I only see her three hours of each day. Kenzie's birthday was July 11th and she turned 7. It feels like yesturday we were living in Colorado and she was the tiniest thing I had ever seen! Addi and I went to her pool party she has with a few of the neighborhood kids and we swam and ate hotdogs.

Addison is soo smart and her and I are going to go take her to get registered for preschool at TEGA next week and she will start in August. She has been begging to go to school for years now. We are starting with 2 days a week cause then next year she will be going to full day all week kindergarden. I know she is going to excel so much with school I so excited to see how she does.

Kimber is 3 months now and is still a ity bity thing. She has a new best friend Elle (a pink elephant soothing blankie) that she is really loving. She doesnt like the binkie but has a huge smile and my dimple in her right cheek. She has dark hair and her eyes are turning dark as well so I might get my brown eyed girl! She is looking more and more like Aaron everyday. She is sleeeping through the night and start to get more on a schedule.

Aaron and I are working on buying a house. We are taking the rest of this year and part of next to work some on our credit and then getting a VA loan. We have decided if we are buying a house then we will be living in TX for a really long time. I use to be really scared about buying a house but now that I know more about the process Im more comfortable. The house we really like most likely wont be on the market by the time we buy but we can dream about it lol.

Work is really busy but I really do enjoy my job. I have been looking at it more at it in long term as in advancment or relocating to another center like in Colorado after a few years or so. The options are there and Im happy I can work somewhere where it pays the bills but also I dont mind going everyday. We will be going to AZ for Christmas this year and we are super excited about that. Im not excited for the drive but we get to see Aaron's family and that will be good.

Shwooo, ok you are all caught up lol. I really am trying to balance more. I soo need to do some paintings (Ashli I'm trying lol) I am getting a booth with my friend Ashli who is a douhla and does a TON of other things as well to see if anyone would want me to make custome name painted canvases for thier little ones. We shall see. Well Im off of work today. Lots of cleaning and laundry to do.