Friday, April 30, 2010

Letter of Intent Friday


Ever want to write a letter to someone and tell them what exactly is on your mind? Like that one impatient driver who cuts you off, the check out clerk that looks at you like you are inconveniencing them for going to their lane, or that really nice person that let you have the good parking spot? Well here is your chance to write that letter. Foursons has set up for you, write your letter, post it on your blog with the button above, link it to her blog, and read others' letters.

Dear Mr Sandman,

Will you please start visiting me before 2am every night. I need sleep to keep up with the girls and going off of 4 hours sleep just isn't cutting it. Do you except gifts? bribes? cash? What will it take to get some zzz at more around 11:30pm? Please please PLEASE Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.


Very Tired Mommy

Dear Wiggles,

Thank you so much for creating your awesome show that is like crack to my girls! You have helped me with cleaning house, feeding baby, making lunch, and writing blogs with you hypnotizing song and dance. Please never go away for I will then be lost and have no hair without you.


Forever Your Fan

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars May 27th

Fox has announce the line-up for one of my favorite shows of the summer, So You Think You Can Dance. There is a two-hour preimre May 27th and I just can't wait. This is going to be an exciting season and I will absolutly be blogging about it lol Here are the All-Stars

Stephen 'twitch' Boss
Comfort Fedoke

Courtney Galiano

Anya Garnis

Lauren Gottlieb

Neil Haskell

Allison Holker

Mark Kanemura

Pasha Kovalev

Kathryn McCormick

Ade Obayomi

Dominic 'D-trix' Sandoval

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy and Kimber's Favorite Things

Kimber is now a week and two days and we have been doing great. She is a great breastfeeder and a pretty good sleeper. So far there are a few things the we can't live without because the make everyday life so much easier for us...

Mam binkies, these are the same kind that Sydnee uses and they are great.

Nivea Lotion, more for me cause my skin has been super duper dry since the delivery. I just love how it soaks in and my skin feels a 100 times better.

Fisher-Price Nature's Touch Cradle Swing, now here is the big blessing, Kimber is in her swing a good deal of the day since Im taking care of three girls. She loves it and I think if I let her she would be in it all the time lol

Circo Swaddle blankets, my SIL Crystal told me about these, she got the star/car ones for her little boy Bram and they are so soft and big. They are perfect for swaddling. She is in one all day. She is definitly a swaddle baby.

Crico Plush blanket, my MIL Maria got this for Kimber at my virtual baby shower. Kimber always has this cause its super comfy and very girl too. I think we have our snuggle ( thats what the girls' call thier special blankets they each have.)

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump, this was also a gift from my MIL. It has been working great and its what I will be using when I go back to work so Kimber can be a boobie baby lol

Vitamin Water, I like water but sometimes it gets old so I drink a lot of vitamin water which has electrolytes, calories, and is a lot better then plain old water. My favorite is Tropical Citrus which is also called 'Energy' lol go figure.

We sleeping is rough for me I get about 5 hours of total sleep. There are times that I have fallen asleep sitting up with Kimi and Aaron has to wake me up and tell me to go to bed. Kimi has a 2 week appointment next Monday and I will give a update.
Addison is turning the big 4 on Sunday so we are having a birthday party (yes there will be pictures) We still haven't decided what to get her yet but I am taking her some day this week to go pick out her cake. She wants a princess cake so we will see. Tim to go feed Kimber.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kimber Bryce-Bailey Birth Story

Kimber Bryce-Bailey Klein was born April 18, 2010 at 7:58am weighting 5lbs and 13oz and 20 inches long. Here is her birth story:

Saturday, April 17th, I got off work early and came home. Aaron and I decided to go eat out with the girls. We wanted to spend Sunday setting up the baby swing, going to the store for last minute things like toilet paper and paper towels, and clean house for the induction on Wednesday, April 21. Needless to say we didn’t make the induction lol.

We decided to go eat at Abuelo’s around 6pm. Aaron had never been and I was craving so Mexican food. We got some awesome chips and salsa and queso and Aaron got two different margaritas, which I think it was very cruel to drink in front of me lol. I ordered the Nogales with queso and after eating started to feel a little crampy like my tummy was twisting. We left and went home and I decided to take at bath with Sydnee since my tummy wasn’t feeling good. After out bath, I put Sydnee down at 8pm and laid down in out room to watch the Spartan series.

At 8:30pm I started my first contractions. I laid in bed and just let them do what they were suppose to cause in my head they would stop but maybe help with dilating for Wednesday. At 9:30pm, they were every 3-4 minutes last about 45 seconds. I told Aaron that if they kept the way they were going for another hour we would go to the hospital. At 10:00pm, I told Aaron I wanted to go so he went and picked up my brother from work to come sit at our house while the girls slept. I packed the last of my things in my bag but thought that I would be returning home.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30pm; I changed, peed in a cup and then had the dr check me. I was 3 almost 4 cm dilated, 60% effaced, and at +2 station!!! Dr Suit, she was the dr on call cause it was the weekend, said let’s admit you and have a baby!! I was 38 weeks on Saturday so everything looked good. I finally got into a room at 12:30am, Sunday April 18th, got put on an IV, nurse missed the first vein and had to find another one higher on my arm. I was started on antibiotics cause I was Group B strep + and also on a little pitocin to keep things moving. My mom arrived at around 1:30pm and I was handling the contracts great.

I was breathing through strong contractions that were 3 minutes apart last over a minute long. I told everyone that I though the baby would be born before 8am and that after I passed 5cm watch out cause I would go quick, no one believed me lol I was checked again at around 3am and was a good 4cm by then. That night there were 3 emergency c-sections and it was really crazy so I just relaxed as much as I could and embarrassed the pain because my body knew what it was doing.
Dr Suit came in at around 4am to check and I was still 4cm but said we could break my water. I have never had my water broken without my epidural. OMG did that hurt! Right after she broke my water the contractions were really intense. They said if I wanted my epidural that I should put in for in now because it would take about an hour for Dr Fey, the anastisiologist, to come. Good thing I did cause after about three more contractions I was not handling them as well. Dr Fey came in about 15 minutes later and said I could go ahead and get my epi. I explained to him that with Sydnee the dr that did my epi really hurt me and didn’t even wait till I was numb. Dr Fey is the most amazing person in the world! He did a great and was very patient.

After I got my epi at around 4:30am, it was a waiting game. I tried to sleep but wasn’t very successful. At 6:30am I told Aaron to head home real quick so he could check on the girls and get something to eat. Mom stayed with me at the hospital and I labored on. At 7am, there was the nurse change of shift and my new nurse came in to check me. I was then at 6cm, right away I told mom to call Aaron and to hurry up and get back because I knew I was going to go fast.

At 7:15am, I was starting to have contractions with the urge to push but didn’t want to get checked until Aaron got there. At 7:30am, Aaron finally got back and I asked to be check, I was complete and ready to push. I had to wait for the dr to come back from heading home and the nurse wanted me to do a test push. I told her no cause I push between 3-4 times and the baby is out. The dr finally got there at 7:45am and they started setting up. I was ready and Aaron was by my side while my mom watched. The dr said I could go ahead and push, I pushed 3 times and her head was out. She started crying before her full body was out lol.

Kimber Bryce-Bailey was born at 7:58am weighing 5 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. She was perfect except for being tiny. She was taken to the nursery to see the pediatrician pretty much right after since he was there doing morning rounds. Aaron went with her and the dr said she looked to be more of 36 weeks. After her initial over all check they said she was 37 weeks and we just needed to make sure her temp stayed up. I was really weak after Kimber was born due to not eating or drinking anything. I was taken to a mother/baby room at 11am and Aaron went home to sleep and take care of the girls. My labor and delivery was fantastic.

I was to have surgery the next morning to do my tubal, yes no more babies for me, so starting at midnight I couldn’t eat or drink anything. They started my IV again at midnight and Kimber and I stayed in the room nursing and sleeping. At 7am, Monday April 19, there was a another nurse change and was told that no schedule for my surgery yet and earliest could be noon. I called Aaron to have him come up and my mom and nana stopped by to say high around 8am. I was visiting with my mom when the nurse came in and said they are ready for me for surgery. Aaron wasn’t there yet so Kimber went to the nursery and I went for my first every surgery. When I got to the recovery area waiting to go to surgery they staff there was so nice and so was the anastisialogist. I told him was nervous about being nauseated after the surgery and he said he would make sure that he gave me something before I woke up. They wheeled me to the OR where I did start to get a little nervous and cry because I felt alone. The surgical nurse was so sweet and the dr then said he was going to give me something to go to sleep. As he was giving me my drugs it was a little burning so the nurse came over and was rubbing my arm. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe. Next thing, I wake up coughing and crying in recovery.

Trey was my nurse after my surgery in recovery and said that everything went well. I was emotion which Im told is common after being put under and that my throat hurt cause of the tube. They said it did take me a little longer to wake up then normal but besides that I was going to be ok. After about 30 mins they took me back to my room which I don’t’ really remember the ride but do remember getting back to the room and then Im suddenly on my bed with oxygen. Aaron said he thought something was wrong because I was covered up to my chin and then had a washrag over my eyes. I got to go home the same day and recovery has been difficult. They fill your abdomen with gas to do the scope surgery so I was in pain from being bloated, the incision, and having Kimber.

Since we have been home for a few days I am doing better today, my milk is in and Kimber is eating like a champ. Addison and Sydnee are doing great with Kimber and we are all adjusting very well. This was a huge post but I wanted to write it more for my records I guess. I have a ton of pics to go along because if you are anything like me you love the pictures 

Shelby Kay and Kimi

Mackenzie and Kimi

Waiting in Triage

Fresh out of the oven

Teeny Tiny baby girl

Right after giving birth very worn out and weak but heay I look pretty good :)

Daddy, Mommy, and Kimber

Nana, Mommy, and Kimber

First real time she opened her eyes

Addison and Sydnee playing with chalk

Big sister Addi

Big sister Sydnee

The Klein sisters

Kimber Bryce-Bailey

Aaron and Kimi

She loves her swing

Cute Sydnee

My cute girls having a morning snack

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We have an induction date...

I am 36 1/2 weeks today and went and saw Dr Broome. Well Im still 1 cm and no contracts since last wednesday. Dr said Kimi is low but no engaged and he thinks I will have her within two weeks and if not I will be induced Wednesday April 21st which is in two weeks!! We are so excited. Now of course I would rather go into labor naturally but Im glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel lol.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get labor going so I can go more natural or atleast dialate before I go in for my induction?

We are all ready for her to be here and then after she is born and recovery I get wheeled off for surgery. Please pray everything goes well with labor/delivary and my surgery.