Friday, November 27, 2009

Texas here we come

So the house is empty, the trailer is packed, we have said our goodbyes. It is now time to leave our home and move on to other oppertunities. We are sad, heartbroken, and stress but also a little excited about what is in store for us in Lubbock.

I had an ultrasound Wednesday and we found out we are having a GIRL! Can you believe it? FIVE GIRLS!!! I just laugh thinking about it. I guess God likes how I make blonde hair blue eyed girls :) Kimber Bryce will be arriving sometime around May 1st which will make her my 3rd Texas baby. There were some concerns with some test we had done and I ended up getting a amnio the same day. We will find out the results Monday or Tuesday so we are keeping happy thoughts through the weekend.

Thanksgiving was great at Crystal's with the turkey to made being awesome. We all ate til we absolutly had to lay down. All the food came out great.

No Black Friday Shopping for me but then I dont do that any year. Aaron has been absolutly amazing with getting things packed, organized, and staying strong. My mother-in-law, Maria, has done a TON for us as well. So this is my last post in AZ. I will try to take pics during our move and post them when I have time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

I know I haven't blogged in quit awhile but a lot has happened over the past 8 weeks. The beginning of October Aaron was on his way home from work in Tucson late at night and a pack of wild mustangs where on the road. He hit two and killed one but thank God Aaron walked away unharmed. Our truck had body damage but nothing internal or mechanical. Unfortunately, Aaron's boss wasn't willing to help or give Aaron more work and our insurance pulled a fast one on us and to make a long story short we had to pay for everything out of pocket. I started working part time for Apple and I'm making $200 a week which is no where close to what I need to make. Aaron has put in an application to over 150 places and not one interview.
We have been pulled to our knees and asking God what we should do and what the answer is. With much heaviness in our hearts we will be walking away from our home and moving back to Texas with my mom. Good news is just today I was able to secure Aaron and I jobs with AT&T in Lubbock to start right after we get there. That is such a wonderful blessing and I really thank God for that.
The girls are good and I am just sad for them to be losing their cute rooms Aaron and I put time into. Little jellybean is growing and i am now 15weeks. The day before Thanksgiving I am having the big ultrasound to see if its a he or she! We will be spending Thanksgiving here and then leaving the next day. We are asking for all prayers and moral support from everyone. It was a hard decision but Aaron and I are getting more comfortable with the idea. I will be blogging more to keep everyone updated on whats going on :)