Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Its been a week

Its been a week and a day since going to L&D and I still get contractions just about everyday. im sort of use to them by now and I just know that in a few weeks they will be doing all the work to bring this little girl in the world. Took some new pictures today and played with a little photoshop and added one to the left and then added another as my main picture up top (stretchmarks and all). I try to lay on the couch as much as possible and the past few days Aaron has helped more with addi which has been nice.
Addi and I have been doing her school work but she loves the days we paint :) She is putting more words together to form sentences and articulating more everyday.
The weather was rainy and cool and now we will be hitting the triple digits and Im sure it will last all summer. Ive registured at Babies R' Us and I need to go do Target today or tomorrow depending on how Im feeling and walking. Walking gets difficult after awhile because of my lower back. Hope everyone had a nice Memorial day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Went into labor yesturday

Went to the DMV to do my written drivin test and as soon as I sat down I had a mild contration. No big deal I have them sometimes. I took my test and past and then did my picture and left. While in the truck I had another one and then another one which I thought was strange so I started to time them. By the time I got home they were 2-3minutes apart lasting 30 seconds. Aaron told me to sit on the couch and start recording them. This was at 3:30pm an by 4 I called my dr who said to get to the hospital asap. Aaron called his mom and told her we needed to bring addi over. We got to the hospital a little before 5pm and they hooked me up to see what was going on. I was having very mild but constant contractions every three minutes so they wanted to give me a shot of terbutaline which is suppose to stop labor. It burned soo bad but it did the trick. Babe is fine and Im fine Im just suppose to stay off my feet, drink lots of water, and the dr is perscribing me the same thing as the shot but in pill form so when this happens again I dont have to go to the hospital. We got out of the hospital by 7pm so it wasn't that big of a stay. So since I am 31 1/2 weeks pregnant it was considered pre-term labor and my cervix was open a little but nothing to be worried about. So today we are all good and going about the day. It was a wake up call to reminding me how much those contrations take energy out of you even if they are small. I was really tired in between them. So if babe can stay in for about 5 more weeks everything will be ok. :)

Oh my friend McKenzie

So Monday night my friend McKenzie and I went to a thrift store called Savers and she made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee myself lol. This girl is crazy but I love her lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dr Appointment today

Weighted in at 160 at 30 weeks and 5 days. Blood pressure good, I am anemic so have to take iron twice a day, and oh get this, who said they didnt have have diabetes....that would be me so again I was right and didnt have anything to worry about...silly doctors. Anyway, he estimated that the baby will weight about 7lbs if I go to 40 weeks but starting at the beginning of July I can have this baby which in reality is a month and a half. Very exciting. Baby sounded great and I have another appointment in two weeks.

Went to the DMV today to get an AZ drivers license and the lady said I might have to take the driving and written test :/ well she went to the back and came back to say that she told them I was 8 months pregnant so the waived the driving test but wanted me to take the 30 question written(computer)test. How hard right? I skimmed through a book real quick and went to take it. you can only miss 6 to pass...Well...i failed:( The reason is I have no idea how many feet behind a firetruck you should be (500 feet if you care)so they said I have two more chances to take it and pass. So I took a book home with me and am reading through it and will go back and take it next week. No big deal or anything just kind of annoying.
We had our first offical dust storm today and it made the news of course. It looked like it was going to rain but just blow a lot of wind around. So that really reminded me of being home in Texas.

Monday, May 12, 2008

LOL...need I say more?

Pictures today

Addi and Daddy watching TV:
Sydnee's 'Nursery':
Me today at 30 weeks and 2 days:
So I had a nice Mother's Day with Shelby and Kenzie calling me to say they love me and then Aaron and Addi got me a new pink cell phone, pink portable hard drive for my computer, and a Grey's Anatomy 2008 calendar. It was a pretty relaxing day over all. Right now Im just sitting on the couch while Addi watches Barney. No plans for today except to relax. Yesterday I didnt pay attention to eating and only had a bowl of cereal in the morning and then some chips and yogurt in the afternoon. Well, since I didnt 'graze' as I normally do around 8pm I started to feel really nauseous like morning sickness and then got really shakey and hot. Aaron had to take care of me by getting me wet wash clothes, a few cookies to get my blood surgar back up, and then made me eat a chicken pot pie. Then of course he was right and said I need to eat more *rolling of eyes* but I know he's right. I hate it when my blood sugar does that :(

Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Miss Crafty Suzie Homemaker

For some interesting reason I have been very crafty lately. Yesturday morning I made some very yummy, from scratch blueberry scones with lemon glaze which were awesome....

I then went to Micheal's Craft store and bought wooden letters spelling out Addison and Sydnee's name that I painted and will glue ribbon bows to the top and then hang over their beds :) Aww go me hehe.

Did Mother's day cards today as well. Its very very warm today so Im sticking to inside. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow which is very exciting since I have never gone past 38 weeks I am counting down 8 weeks or you could say 71 days lol. I need to stop watching the calendar seriously! We will be heading back to our house on Sunday since my in-laws will be back from their vacation. I will so miss all the cats around (not the hair of course).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How ready am I?

If you are having a nursery, is it complete?
*We have a corner in our bedroom all for baby Sydnee with her bed, a book shelf, and a organizer for diapers, clothes, blankets, and burp rags. I might add a few more things but pretty much we are good on the 'nursery'.

If you are cloth diapering, do you have your initial stash?
*Im not using cloth diapers but my lovely friend Mckenzie brought me about 5 packages of different size diapers from 1-3.

Do you have the first few months of clothing yet?
*I have two gowns, 7 foot onsies, and 9 little outfits all either newborn or 0-3 month. I still need more gowns, short sleeve onsies, socks, and a few t-shirts since its going to be very hot.

Are the diapers and clothes washed yet?
*I haven't washed any of the clothes yet but I have washed her blankets and burp rags.

Do you have nursing pads yet?
*No!! Besides stocking on diapers and wipes nursing pads are one of the most important things I need to stock up on. God has blessed me with a very heavy milk supply :)

Do you have nursing clothes yet?
* Nah. I just lift the shirt and nurse, but I do need to get bigger nursing bras!! Come on DD!!!

If you are having a hospital birth, is your suitcase packed?
*I bought a new bag for the hospital but haven't packed it yet. I will have it packed the first week of July.

Any other preps you have yet to do?
*I need to stock up on easy things to feed Addi since Aaron won't be taking a lot of time off from work. i also need to stock up on water and pretty easy things for dinners for Aaron and Addi. I need to get a 'bring home' outfit for Sydnee and make a check list for the things I want to take to the hospital. Besides that there isnt too much stuff that needs to get done besides the baby coming which Im getting really excited about.

So looks like I'm pretty prepared go me!! We are now staying at my in-laws' house for the week watching 4 cats and a german shepard. Since I like to wear black it really shows that I am living with cats lol. they are sweet and Addi likes to play with Jack and Merlin by the front window. My in-laws have a king size number bed which has bed really nice to sleep on cause of my back. For some reason my left kidney was hurting and I couldn't sleep on my left side (which is the most comfortable for me). Its gotten better though. I had some really yummy watermelon today. It was oh so good :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Martian Child

If you want to watch a really great movie about being accepted then watch Martian Child. I watched this movie yesturday and cried my eyes out at the end. It is such a great movie and John Cusack and the little boy (dont know his name) were terrific.

Im going in for my stupid GD test that I REALLY dont want done, but since my bio dad and his mother had diabetes I guess Im at higher risk. Thats some crap if you ask me. Baby is doing good. I go to the dr every other week now and pretty sure Im putting on a pound a week like suppose too :( Ill lose it Im sure. Never really had that problem with not being able to lose baby weight quickly. the only time I did was after Kenzie when I went on the depo shot and wasn't told that it cause women to have more of an appetite :)

Had some awesome blueberry oatmeal this morning with a big glass of Addi went straight to bed last night with us having to tell her to get in bed. She was very exhausted from all the excitment last night. So today is her offical birthday and not going to do much really but hang out. I need to start getting things together to take over to Maria's for a week(addi clothes, my clothes, etc.). Oh did I mentioned that the sun rises here at 5:40am!!!!!! What the heck! the sun needs some Ambein or Ritalin or something. Geeze.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Addi's Birthday Party

Tonight we had Addi's 2nd birthday party(her actual birthday is tomorrow). Crystal, Skyelar, Maria, Caleb, and McKenzie were there and we ate some of my mom and nana's awesome lasagna *mmmmmm* and salad. It was very very tasty. Addi was a little confused when we brought her a cake and we sang Happy Birthday. She needed a little help blowing out the candles and then when I took the cake away she wanted it back. She got some really great gifts like a talking baby doll, a Little People camper, a hippo bubble blower, gift card, spud buddies, clothes, and a new pair of shoes. She kept jumping from one toy to another not sure which to play with when. I think she really enjoyed having Skeylar and Caleb over to' play with even though they are older than she is. It was nice family time and we wish the others could have been there too but they weren't feeling so well or in another state(my family).
Below are pictures of the birthday and also two pictures of me:
1. with a cartoon cut out that was from one of addi's bags for baby sydnee
2. with a shot of me at 28 1/2 weeks
Missed the new Grey's Anatomy tonight to watch the new CSI but I can still watch it on the computer tomorrow morning so its not so bad. I plan on starting a new book before this Sunday to give me some weekly goals to make the time go faster. Not sure which to start since I have a few that I havent finished or need to start.
Scroll down for the pictures. (BTW-sorry for the demon baby eyes)