Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work Work Work...and no play

I have been working a ton of overtime due to the new iPhone. Its a pretty niffty gaget if you ask me :0) I feel like I have been working straight for the past two weeks however and not getting much family time or personal time in. I still have to finish my current Cosmo before my next one come out! With the little time that I do have we have been swimming, cleaning, family time, and erronds. Wow am I exhausted. I have a whole list of things I need to get done like painting, reading, BLOGGING LOL.

Sunday Aaron and I went through all my clothes and got rid of all the ones he likes to call 'my sad and depressed phase' clothing. After two hours, three large trash bags, and a few tears (Im a boarder line hoarder) I have room in my closet and drawers. WOOHOO! I get to little by little buy new clothes. Since I have had Kimber I have felt my confidence rise so much! I walk a little taller, I dress more to impress, and I really think it shows.

Kimber has gotten so big now and is smiling and cooing and making great eye contact. She is sleeping through the night which is awesome. We are enrolling Addison in preschool this August for two days a week to get a head start for kindergarden next year. Sydnee is starting to get potty trained and is doing a fabulous job! She is soo super smart. She turns 2 July 10th and I cant believe it. Aaron is still working at the hotel and he and Kimber are starting to understand each other so the days are less stressful.

We are looking for a new car and are looing for a small SUV around 2005 price range $10,000-$11,000 any suggestions?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The pool is open, new swimsuits, sunscreen on, floaties blown up.....LETS SWIM! We have been really enjoying the pool so far this summer. This past sunday we had all the girls at the pool and let me just say that are all water babies!

The were so ready for the pool and would getting tired of taking pictures...hey I need to capture my memories :)
Sydnee as we were walking to the pool looked so cute she was ready.

You can tell Addi was forcing that smile and Sydnee wasn't even interested lol

My MIL Maria who was such a great help while she was here. Hanging out in the shade with Kimi

Opps a double

Addi is a natural swimmer and is pretty fearless (scares mommy) but she did not want to leave that pool

But of course a huge thunderstorm decided to roll in with lighting and we had to cut the swimming experiance short :( No worries howerver, we have had plenty of swimming days and there are more to come.

The water was a bit chilly but we got use to it quickly. Sydnee liked to hang on to me and not use a float ring *sigh* my kids I tell ya I love them

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PINK SATURDAY 06/12/2010


I do apologize for not being able to write a lot lately. Work and babies have kept me very busy BUT do not fret for I am balancing things out and will be more current on my blog :)

So today is PINK SATURDAY brought to you by HOW SWEET THE SOUND
This week my theme for PINK SATURDAY are a few things that I would like to have that are pink.

Now I own all song by P!nk and she is one of my fav singers since I was in high school.

Would adore to have a pink laptop

Also a pink camera would be nice

Hey...why not even a pink rice maker. LLLOOOVVVEEE sticky rice

Ive always wanted a pink diamond ring (diamond is my birthstone so why not make it pink right?)

Of course you have to have the flirty pink dress to match....

And never forget to add the adorble pink shoes as well!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little part of pink sunday. I promise this next week will be filled with A LOT more blog so come back and check it out :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Letter of Intent Friday


Dear People who live in the apartment above me,

I understand that there will be some noise when having someone live right above you and I understand that you have a right to do as you please as well, but why oh why must you stomp as hard as you can when you walk? Drop things right over my sleeping baby's bed?

Why even after three complaints to the front office AND a visit from the curtiousy officer must you STILL make as much noise as possible when you are home?

Please have some curtiousy for my little ones and my sanity a be a little more quiet.

Thank you,

The complainers living under you


Dear Apartment Front Office,

It is soo hot outside PLEASE open the pool so we may find some relief.

Thank you,

Melting Away

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coffee Lover

I LOVE coffee and I start my day everyday with a cup of joe in one of my favorite coffee cups that my Nana gave me and yes it is pink lol

I also CRAVE a Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato. During the Spring/Summer its iced and in the Winter it is hot. Extra shot of expresso and extra caramel. I don't get them often because they are expensive but its a treat every now and then.

McDonald's has come out with a new Frappe which Im really liking. Not only the caramel one is yummy but I keep getting coupons to get a free small (which is the size of a grande at Starbuck's)! Hey, you can't beat free can you?

Mmm I think I will have to go get one now :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My new hobby

For those who have been wanting to know what I have been up to in my oh so rare free time I have started painting personalized canvas art for some family and friends. Since I have 5 girls I have been working on some for them that I will show soon but for boys I have made a few for my close friends.

The first two are for my friend Lacye who just had her second little boy, Paxton, two days after I had Kimber. Her oldest, Maddox, was born six months before Sydnee so they are close to the same age as well.

This pirate theme one I made for my SIL Crystal's little boy, Bram, who is 8 weeks older then Kimber. His room is pirate theme so I thought this would go perfect in there.
This one is for my friend Ashli who I definitly consider a super mom since she is a doula, does henna, baking, and photography while being a full time mom to 4 kids. I thought I was busy.

I am thinking of selling some but don't know if Im good enough for people to buy them. We shall see. It will be more for a hobby than for a profit. I am working on ones for SK, Kenzie, Addi, and Sydnee so we can see some girly ones :)