Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Setting Summer Sun

Well the summer season is coming to a close. What a wonderful life I have with all my beautiful girls. Shelby started 1st grade and has said she wants to read 105 books this year. Little Kenzie started Kindergarden and had a wonderful first day and will make a lot of great friends Im sure. Addison is potty training and doing fabulous. Baby Sydnee is smiling, making eye contact, and holding her head up very well.

I am so blessed with gorgeous daughters that anyone will be lucky for them to be a part of their lives.

So an end of a season and the beginning of a new. This autum will be full of memories and holidays.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I am addicted to this show every season and last Thursday was the finale. There was a preformace done by the cast of 'Chris Angel- Believe' called "Homage to the Rabbits". IT WAS AMAZING!! I have watched it so many times and reading some awesome reviews about it. It is a little creepy but at the same time you can't stop watching it. Here is the video..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally have a minute

So I have a moment to myself and thought I would do an update. The past few weeks have been an adjusting time for Addi, Sydnee, and I. Aaron works 8-5pm, M-F at Carmax and then 530-930pm, Tue Wed Th and 11-7pm Sat-Sun at Officemax so there is a lot of time where it is just the girls and I. Im running on fumes it seems. I feel too guilty to ask Aaron in the middle of the night for help because he works so much for us but waking every two hours is getting exhausting.

Addi is being a typical two year old that and we have started 'time out' in the corner instead of me yelling constantly at her. We are slowly starting potty training and she used the potty last night at bath! Yeah her!! She does love Sydnee and does try to help. I will scheduling an appointment for addi next week for her skin rash. We conquored her arms and they are healed but her legs are bad so we need to take a more aggresive approch.

Sydnee is a little monkey that doesn't like to be sat down when awake. From 5-530pm to 9pm to doesn't want to sleep nor be awake. She will fall asleep when rocked but then wakes after about 5 miutes of being laid down. Brightside is once she is asleep she will sleep til about 1230am-1am so I do get some block of sleep. She doesnt cry often unless she has a bubble or doesnt get picked up. She is a noisy sleeper and eater. She is a month old today and nursing is going well.

I have found a MOPs group that I am signing up for that will be every 1st and 3rd tuesday of the month at 9-11am from Sept to May. It will give me the chance to get out of the house and also be around adults. Might actually be good for me.

We will be moving to our new apartment Sept 6th and I dont think this move will be as stressful as our other moves have been. They say rain is coming for the next days which will then give a break of the extreme heat we have expiranced. Aaron now has Fridays off and so tomorrow we will be spending a family day together. We have to go to the pet store for some food for the lungfish and we will just spend a nice day together.

At the top is a new picture of Sydnee from this morning that I took.