Monday, April 15, 2013

Swig Sugar Cookies

So I am obsessed with Pintrest! I love all the inspiration it brings and just about anything. Who KNEW there was a 101 different uses for toilet paper rolls! I’m mean REALLY!? I think that’s awesomeness!

I found a awesome recipe called SWIG COOKIES. It’s a sugar cookie with sour cream icing. Now these cookies are ADDICTING! They are simple to make and aren’t overly sweet. I like eating them with no icing but the girls loved the pink icing.

I had the girls help and as we all know every little kid loves to make cookies. The girl who made this recipe has a little shop in her home town that these cookies are given with each order for free! How cool.

The link to the recipe and to the store behind the cookies is here.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Toughest Weather City Championship

 Who knew my little town would win a nation award. Now given, there are plenty of places that get extreme weather however for the past 3 years it has been nuts!
Weather Channel did a little competition between all the cities in the U.S. for locals to vote on their own city having the most extreme weather.

Well when Lubbock made it to the final four I though that was as far as we would go concidering the other three cities:
Fargo, ND
Fairbanks, AK
Caribou, ME
These cities get feet of snow, hurricanes, extreme heat and so on. So to think that Lubbock would then make it to the final two I was excited!

Toughest Weather City Championship Result
Fairbanks, Alaska                                 vs.                   Lubbock, Texas 
- Extreme cold, snowy, mild summer                             - Wind, snow, F5 tornado in 1970
- 114 days of subzero cold                                            - Drought-prone, dust storms
- 65" of snow                                                                  - 8.1" snow, 7 days w/ snow
- 90+ heat once every two years                                  - 85 days of 90+ heat
(courtesy of

After a ton of voting, the poles closed and results were given:
Whose weather is toughest?
Fairbanks, Alaska 34.15%  (4,498 votes) 

Lubbock, Texas 65.85%  (8,672 votes) 

 There were a total of 13,170!
Here are a few pictures of the past three years of extreme weather here in good ol’ Lubbock, TX:

Haboob 2011

Dust Storm 2012

Golf Ball size Hail 2012

Damage From Hail Storm 2012

2012 Texas Drought

Lubbock Blizzard 2013