Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Me Your Life-Wedding Party and Flowers

Today is Wedding party and flowers. Our little backyard wedding on October 27, 2007 was great with my best friend Faye(who flow in from California) as my maid of honor and Aaron's great friend Magnum as his best man. Faye and I made the arc the day before with pink roses, white lights and toil and it came out great and then the bouquets and boutiers the morning of the wedding. My mother-in-law picked out the roses and they looked great. Magnum, Aaron, and Keith made white boards for me to walk on in my heels on the grass. Addison was our flower girl and Skyelar our nephew was our ring bearer.

Addison before the wedding was picking up the pink rose petals on the walk way.

Aaron and I with Magnum.

Aaron had also put lights in the trees for the reception.

The rings

Our first offical picture as a family


Marriage Certificate and our Unity Sand

All lite up at the reception

Got him!


One of my favorites with me and Addison

The flowers came out so great. Can you tell what my color was lol?

Me and my girl

Faye and I have been through a lot in our years of friendship wouldn't have asked anyone else to be my maid of honor besides my sister :)

Magnum the best man

Getting ready

Magnum, Aaron, and Faye

So that is my wedding party and flowers. I loved my wedding and can't wait to show the recipetion :)

What a wonderful surprise!

Wednesday morning I was at a very early dr appointment and I got a call from Tom (my ex-husband) he said they had driven to Flagstaff, AZ the day before and that they were coming to Phoenix so I could see the girls! It was such a blessing since this weekend was hard. I was able to have them Wednesday evening with them sleeping over and then Addison and I spent the day with them Tom and his parents by swimming and going to the mall. I haven't seen my girls since Christmas 2007 and they hadn't seen Sydnee yet so it was such a treat.

This is the first picture with all four of my girls. They look all alike I think lol

Shelby, Kenzie, and Me

My three big girls

Big sister and little sister

The girls playing in the sandbox

This was really cute with them brushing thier teeth before bed

We played at the play area at the mall and Addi really enjoyed following her sisters around.

In the morning Aaron let the girls feed the fish. This is Kenzie
This is Shelby
We did some swimming at Tom's hotel. Addison, Kenzie, and Shelby were all loving the pool. They were jumping in and the girls are just little fishes lol Thank you again Tom, Barbara and Richard for stopping by. They are heading to Las Vegas today and I know they will have a great time!

While at the mall I bought this Willow Tree figure for my angel. Aaron has one in mind he wants to buy and when he does I show pictures. I have fallen in love with Willow Tree and love collecting them with my snowglobes. This little angel will always have a special meaning :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Empty arms

I had been waiting to write a blog with happy news but unfortunately that is no longer the case. Aaron and I had found out we were pregnant and very happy and thrilled a week ago. We decided that this was the last baby for us and would then be a complete family. Everything was going great and we were exciting to tell everyone. This past Friday I went to the Dr for a check up and they needed to do three pregnancy test because they were coming back so faint. They said it was mostly likely cause I was early or that the baby wasn't viable. I had told Aaron and we were sure everything was fine.

Saturday the girls and I ran around with Aaron and having a great day. We planned on stopping by my in-laws to share the good news but my mother-in-law wasn't home yet so we decided to tell them another time. I had to help Addison go to the bathroom since we had a long drive ahead of us. To keep it from being too graphic I knew I was losing the baby.I miscarried the baby that evening. That night we cried, were angry, hurt, and didn't understand.

Aaron still had hope until I went to the ER yesterday and the ultrasound found nothing and my HCG test was 0 (measures the humane hormone in your body when you are pregnant). I knew this and it was more conformation for me but it hit Aaron hard.

It has been a very hard past few days. Even though this was a surprise not one moment was this baby not wanted or loved. I feel selfish cause I want that baby with me. I don't' understand what lesson I should learn, I don't know why this happened, and my heart hurts more than it ever has before. I know that God had a reason and that we will one day see our angel baby but we were so attached from the very begining that I miss that baby so much. We have decided that we will have another but we are still grieving for the little one we will never hold, touch, smell the top of his head. Aaron found wild roses on the side of a road he was doing work at and got a small pink rose. He said he wanted to dry it and then make a small shadow box in memory for our little angel.

Please pray for healing, peace, understanding, and strength for Aaron and I. We will never forget our little one and I hope that he will always know that his parents loved him more than anything.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding dress

Today on Kelly's Koner is show us your life- wedding dress. I loved my wedding dress and it was only $299! I think its gorgous and simple :)

I LOVED my shoes!

Yes of course I had a pink garter belt.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sydnee's 1st birthday!!!

Sydnee Emmerson turned 1 on July 10th but we had her birthday party at G-Ma and Papa's house with all our family and friends. She got a lot of books and toys and clothes so thank you to everyone who came :) I made her cake and cupcakes the day before and they came out great. We had a big BBQ and we all were very tuckered out after words. Here's some of the photos from that day the rest are on my facebook page :)

She started eating the card shortly after this picture was taken.

She thought it was loud with all of us singing 'Happy Birthday'

I LOVE this picture of her and I.

Aaron and Addison

Asleep on the way home.