Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kindle Fire

For Christmas my husband gave me a Kindle Fire. I was absolutly thrilled because I had been wanting one for a long time. I liked the iPad but couldn't fathom paying $600+ for one.

It fits in my purse so I can take it to work and I love all the apps I can get on it. My girls love playing Angry birds and other little apps that I have downloaded on it. I have read a few books on it but mostly I read my magazines to save on growing a huge collection!

Only downsides that I have experiance is that even though it is a Android OS you can only get Amazon approved android apps and some videos will not play. However, for the price of $199 and the size I think its a awesome buy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


WOOO!  Has is been a crazy 8 months here in the Klein house. From moving, stitches, Holidays, loss of our puppy, family visits, and working, there hasn't been much time to blog. So if you have kept checking up to see if I have updated then I am thankful to you for sticking around :)

A pref recap:

Shelby and Kenzie are doing great is school as always and are super excited about summer.

Addison is improving on reading and spelling and is ready to finally be in a numbered grade. She will be 6 on May 2nd and growing into a gorgeous girl.

Sydnee is still very shy and sometimes we worry about her speech and not being up to her age level. That is a different post.

Kimber is talking up a storm, in love with baby dolls, and just turned 2 on April 18th. We didnt do much for her this year because she is only 2 and just had a family day.

Our poor Devon (german shepard) was unfortunatly hit by a car after we had moved into our new home in November and we have missed her ever since. She was only 6 months old however in January we were blessed to recieve two new german shepard puppies, a brother and sister named Dakota and Durango. They are 4 months old and getting big and have been a great addition to our family.

As for me I am still working hard and making the best of every day and trying to do all that God has planned for us. So stay tuned I have some reviews Ill be doing, tons of pictures and great topics Ill be writing :)