Monday, April 27, 2009

Long update..

'Are you asleep?...Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.'
Mark 14:37-38

The above verse is very true for all of us..we mean well and don't want to fall for temptation, but our human bodies are sometimes to weak to resist. It has been about a week since i have really blogged. A lot has been going on in the Klein klan this past week....

I have now a Blackberry Curve 8900 to help work with a loan modification group to help with income. Its really fun and addicting so after playing with it for a few days I am limiting my 'fun' time on it :) I am now doing my Twitter more often so you can follow me here. I update it all the time with random stuff. kind of makes me feel important lol.

Aaron is now working at Ace Hardware and training for his next PT test on June 17. He is getting full time hours which is not easy to come by in this economy. We are praying for God's help with decisions and finances. We are keeping close to Him.

Speaking of God we went Aaron's parents church because his brother Caleb was being recongized for his accomplishments in Caravans (like church boyscouts). He has earned many patches and medals and next week he will receive a special pin for his is some poor quality video lol

Aaron and I were blessed to go on a date this past Saturday. Just to dinner for a few hours alone. We wanted to try a new place called Sauce. To us it seemed like a gourmet pizza resturant. When we got there we order at the counter and then they bring you your pizza. Not exactly what we were looking for on a date night. We decided to go to Chandler and find something there. We decided on BJ's and had some very awesome chicken pot stickers, pizza, and a few cocktails. Here are some pictures from the night..Oh by the way it was apparently prom night for a school so the resturant had a bunch of prom goers eating dinner before the dance. We really enjoyed the time together.

Aaron thought we looking like tourist with me taking pictures so he didn't want his taken lol. That was our pager for the table.

Had to get one of myself :)

Aaron drank his first beer in 5 minutes

This was called a 'Prom Punch' very yummy

Aaron fake smiling

Me after some cocktails

Our yummy pizza..Aaron got Buffalo Chicken pizza and I got the Mediteranian pizza


This was a cantalope martini..very strong and sweet

Our take home box

I have been trying to lay out every day during Sydnee's naptime so I have to find something for Addi to do so I bought her a small plastic pool to play in...

Here is a drawing i did for addi with the chalk. Our little family

Yummy homemade choco chip cookies..they are now gone

This picture reminds me of when I was little and watching Sesame Street learning my ABC's

And baby Sydnee eating (or should I say lundging for) her yogart

So I am thinking of a theme to do one day of the week. Having it be on the same subject on the same day of each week. Leave me a comment with suggestions on what it should be :)

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