Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Needing some Prayer and maybe some advice....

I am struggling with a decision. At work I have the oppertunity to potionally move to a department that I can bring home more money. However, with this money comes major stress for job responsiblity. We have been doing so well since I have been work finacially and this is the first time in three years. I'm sure I would be good at the job however I have been told by few that the stress comes from the expectations that you are required to meet every month. Work is going good still working extra hours but Im sure that will slow down in a month or two. Im still really enjoying my work just sometimes I need a bream. (Dont we all lol)

Addi is really enjoying school and if I took in this position I could probably put her in more days a week and we could maybe afford another car. I just dont know what the right way is. I LOVE working cause I feel like I am contributing to my life and family just have a decision to make.

On a side note: all the girls are fabulous and doing so well either in school or at home. Shelby is in 3rd grade and Kenz is in 2nd both love school. Addi can right her name and sydnee is singing songs with all her fav shows. Kimber doesnt like sleeping in mom and dad's room anymore so we before going to bed wheel her little crib to the living room and she sleeps so much more soundly. We probably keep her up with our snooring lol.

I have no idea yet which way to go, stay where I am at or go to a more stressful job but with more money? I want only the best for my family. So what would you do?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School and the Dentist

Today was Addison's first day of Preschool. We met her teacher Ms. Danielle and Addi was super excited about going. I pick her up at 3:00 and cant wait to see how her day went. Sydnee seems a little lost without her big sister here but we are spending mommy sydnee time together. Update on her first day later on.

After dropping off Addi I went to the dentist to get started in the process of getting braces. They were so very sweet and helpful. I found out that the reason my teeth are so sensitive is because I brush TOO hard!! Who knew right?! So I was given a soft brush and sensitve toothpaste and told to see how they are by Thanksgiving. I then went across the hall to the Orthodontics and have a appt for 09/08/2010. Its going to be a long process but in the end through all the pain, time, and money it is so worth it.

I have today off and then I have taken Saturday and Sunday off so to get some relaxation time. The weather starting yesturday the weather is cool and breezing setting in for crisp fall weather. I absolutly love it and I know others do as well. I want to buy a nice peacoat for this winter and knee high boots.

December we have been her a full year and I have also worked at AT&T for a full year. Wow how time has flown this summer. It has been a fab year so far.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

End of Summer Review

Hello Everyone! I promise I am trying to do more blogging than once a month, but we all know life happens lol. This is kind of a long post so bare with me :) It is the end of Summer 2010 with school starting, Sunday night football, and cool weather. Im excited about this fall. Here are a few updates:

Aaron has been working a lot and has pre ordered Halo Reach with the special edition Halo Xbox. Xbox also has a cool thing coming out this fall call Connects which makes your Xbox like a Wii but its all motion sensor and no controllers!! Pretty cool, he is really excited about it to say the least.

I have been working a ton of overtime since the beginning of July due to work being high call volume. It’s good for me because of the extra pay and also its job security. Aaron got me the new T-Mobile MyTouch Slide which is like a iPhone and Sidek!ck put together. It sis sooo awesome. I’ve never been more excited about a phone. I have a ton of apps and it’s just the coolest. Lost a little bit of weight over the past few months so that’s good. Took mom, nana, and sister to the Bridal Expo the other weekend so mom could get some ideas or find some vendors for the wedding. She loved it.

Addison starts preschool August 25th and will go on Wednesdays and Fridays. We are going to take her school shopping for some clothes, new back pack, lunchbox, and nap mate. Did you know she can count to 5 in Spanish?! It’s so cool. She has been doing really great with Kimber and kind of a bully to Sydnee lol. I’m sure they will grow up being great friends though.

Sydnee is getting big and learning to talk more. She has a lisp so she says Addison as ‘Asson’ lol. She is definitely a momma’s girl and always clinging to me when Im home or wanting me to hold her. She loves to sing songs like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. She is a big dancer too. Those are some of her favorite things to do. We bought her Toy Story 1&2 and all of Andy’s toys and they sit and watch the movies with their toys.

Kimber is starting to rollover and is talking and laughing (baby talk of course). She is so long but not a lot of baby fat so looks like she will be the skinny one. She looks just like Aaron and her eyes are turning brown like Aarons. She has a huge smile and likes to stick her tounge out all the time.