Monday, January 31, 2011

First 2011 Update

So an Update…..
Oh my goodness I have not post in months!! Well with the holidays, trip to Arizona, sickness, and work, work, WORK I have had a lot of time. I am having to adjust my schedule to make sure I get more things done and work full time. So here are our updates.

Aaron has started his VA benefits process and paperwork and working on getting himself better. Since he was in Iraq for 15 months it has taken a toll on him as it has for so many of our service men and women. He is still working at the hotel and dealing with little sleep but we are blessed for us to have good schedules so we don’t have to spend the money on daycare. Next up, getting his new big screen tv lol.

Addison is excelling in school and loves it everyday. She has learned to right her name and also write the numbers 1-5. She is full of question and even though it can be frustrating because it feels that she is always talking I love her curiosity for life and all the things around her. Next up, ALL DAY KINDERGARDEN!!!!

Sydnee is in a very interesting stage of her childhood. She is very clingy with me but is also very whinny at times. Her favorite animal has gone from penguins to now turtles (I think its from the continuous playing of Nemo) so we have begun collection Littlest Pet Shop turtles of all kinds. She loves to carry them around. We are trying to work on her speech due to since Addi is so vocal she doesn’t have to be. She starts school this Wednesday with Addi and we hope she enjoys it. Next up, potty training.

Kimber is crawling, pulling up to a stand, teething her two bottom teeth, eating solid foods all with the biggest and brightest smile I have ever seen. She is sleeping for 7pm-7am every night and just really enjoys life. Aaron is definitely her main man due to when he leaves the world ends. He must be in her sight. She has a ton of hair and is so long but slim. She can eat up to a whole can of baby jar food and still want more. Next up, learning to drink from a cup.

So that leaves me, I have been working of course and will be getting a new schedule soon at the end of February. I had a scare at the end of January which my dr thought I may have a autoimmune dieses like arthritis or lupus but thank goodness all results came back negative. I have shed 30 lbs and just needing 10 more to go. I am getting braces in April after my mom’s wedding and excited yet a little unsure. It will be two years of braces and I will start my 30 birthday with a beautiful smile  My mom’s wedding is coming up in March and so excited for her. Next up, helping mom with wedding plans.

You are now caught up and it is blowing snow outside and 23 degress. So glad and blessed I have a warm home and all my children are healthy and happy.

Addi and Shelby put on a Fashion Show for me.

Little Monkey!

Im calling it the Lubbock Blizzard of 2011