Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What to say

Well the weather is offically staying hot and today it was hot and windy. We took Addi to the pool yesturday and had her just float around in her innertube for awhile. She had a lot of fun.
Tomorrow we are having a birthday dinner for Addi. She will be two on Friday.
I really dont have a lot to say tonight cause not a lot has been going on.
Well atleast enjoy the pretty flower picture :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


So in my earlier post I said i had to get an ultrasound and then I did but only posted pictures so here's the update...
baby is measuring fine and is very healthy and definitely a girl :) The only thing they found was a cyst on the placenta which we were told is not a big deal and everything looks great so we were very happy after the ultrasound. I was doing a little research on a Placental Cyst and didn't find a lot but what I did find was a little concerning so I'm just going to wait to see if the Dr calls next week if something is wrong or Ill just see him on the 7Th. So far so good :) So beginning of July this little one will make her appearance.

Date night was fun. Aaron and I went to Logan's Steakhouse and then to his brothers' play. Aaron is just pretty exhausted cause of his work schedule so it was nice for time together. Addi of course had fun at Grandma's and we will be celebrating her birthday next week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Had a doctor's appointment yesturday and didn't go so well. For one Ive gained 20lbs now and I am measuring larger than I should so I need to go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Im just very stressed out and I need not to be. Maybe I will have a 10lb baby like Aaron wants lol. So we could be looking at moving the due date up so we will see.

On another note, Addi gets to go to Grandma's tonight so Aaron and I get a date night. We are going to his brothers' play "The Music Man" so should be fun. We get some 'no baby time' which isn't going to happen very after baby is here. Going to miss Grey's Anantomy tonight *tear* but I will just watch it on the computer tomorrow to help easy my mind.

So send good thoughts and vibes my way to relax and for baby to be ok and healthy.

OT: Apparently the red lights seen the other night are supposibly road flares on ballons that was a prank..dang backwoods hicks!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diamondbacks vs. Giants

So went to the game last night with Aaron, Crystal, and Tammy. Well since we decided on Aaron driving we had to repeat directions to him 5 times (not sure if its short-term memory loss or just him trying to be annoying lol) We spent $10 on covered parking and then walked passing all the tweekers who are trying to make money by riding a bike with seats on the back(think like China taxi) Once we did get inside the stadium we decided to get the full baseball game experiance and bought the $5 hotdogs and $6 beers lol. Aaron wouldn't shell out the cash for a big foam finger. The seats were really steep which surprised me but once I sat down it was cool. It was a fun game and they did win 4 to 2. I took some pictures and my goodness it took 10 minutes cause Mr Aaron was messing around but he made the night fun anyway. There was a row of older people in front us who apperant after we stood to sign 'Take me out to the ballgame' a lady turned around and stared at us. *srung* I didnt think I got that much ketchup on her shirt lol just kidding. Over all can't wait to go to the next game which will be June 18th with Magnum and Mckenzie :)


Yep...just like back in 1997 with the famous Phoenix lights, last night around 8pm four red lights appeared in the sky in north Phoenix (Deer Valley area) and were there for 15-30 mintues. (<----The best picture I could find from the lights last night.) So, are they returning? Who knows. From what I read this morning the 1997 lights the military finally said were flares but of course no one ever believes the government or military anymore. Why is it that 'sightings' or 'encounters' only happen in the middle of nowhere or on a quiet street with only one car driving? You have to get the most hickish people on tv..I think Monster's Inc. did a great parady with that one lol. My opinion?...Who knows. I grew up with my mom telling us that aliens were demons and not smart beings from another planet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Monday

So got a call from my sister in law this morning asking if I wanted to go to a Diamondback game tonight. (For those of you that don't know that is the professional baseball team here in AZ) Since Aaron has been wanting me to get out of the house more and be more active he of course would love us to go. Besides a small ruffle on the transportation part I'm really excited cause this is my first professional live game.

Have a doctor appointment on Wednesday for them of course to say, "Gain more weight" or "You really need to take that diabetes test"(which I am declining), or "Need to drink more water." LOL oh the nurses and doctors are funny sometimes. Im just tired but only 88 days to go. YEAH!!

Addi has learned to open her bedroom door!! So we now have to get one of those child-proof handles so when she is up at 4am (yes..she gets up that early to play then falls asleep again) she won't run around the house. Ah, we love our little girl :)