Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Its been a week

Its been a week and a day since going to L&D and I still get contractions just about everyday. im sort of use to them by now and I just know that in a few weeks they will be doing all the work to bring this little girl in the world. Took some new pictures today and played with a little photoshop and added one to the left and then added another as my main picture up top (stretchmarks and all). I try to lay on the couch as much as possible and the past few days Aaron has helped more with addi which has been nice.
Addi and I have been doing her school work but she loves the days we paint :) She is putting more words together to form sentences and articulating more everyday.
The weather was rainy and cool and now we will be hitting the triple digits and Im sure it will last all summer. Ive registured at Babies R' Us and I need to go do Target today or tomorrow depending on how Im feeling and walking. Walking gets difficult after awhile because of my lower back. Hope everyone had a nice Memorial day!

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