Thursday, May 1, 2008

Addi's Birthday Party

Tonight we had Addi's 2nd birthday party(her actual birthday is tomorrow). Crystal, Skyelar, Maria, Caleb, and McKenzie were there and we ate some of my mom and nana's awesome lasagna *mmmmmm* and salad. It was very very tasty. Addi was a little confused when we brought her a cake and we sang Happy Birthday. She needed a little help blowing out the candles and then when I took the cake away she wanted it back. She got some really great gifts like a talking baby doll, a Little People camper, a hippo bubble blower, gift card, spud buddies, clothes, and a new pair of shoes. She kept jumping from one toy to another not sure which to play with when. I think she really enjoyed having Skeylar and Caleb over to' play with even though they are older than she is. It was nice family time and we wish the others could have been there too but they weren't feeling so well or in another state(my family).
Below are pictures of the birthday and also two pictures of me:
1. with a cartoon cut out that was from one of addi's bags for baby sydnee
2. with a shot of me at 28 1/2 weeks
Missed the new Grey's Anatomy tonight to watch the new CSI but I can still watch it on the computer tomorrow morning so its not so bad. I plan on starting a new book before this Sunday to give me some weekly goals to make the time go faster. Not sure which to start since I have a few that I havent finished or need to start.
Scroll down for the pictures. (BTW-sorry for the demon baby eyes)

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