Friday, May 2, 2008

Martian Child

If you want to watch a really great movie about being accepted then watch Martian Child. I watched this movie yesturday and cried my eyes out at the end. It is such a great movie and John Cusack and the little boy (dont know his name) were terrific.

Im going in for my stupid GD test that I REALLY dont want done, but since my bio dad and his mother had diabetes I guess Im at higher risk. Thats some crap if you ask me. Baby is doing good. I go to the dr every other week now and pretty sure Im putting on a pound a week like suppose too :( Ill lose it Im sure. Never really had that problem with not being able to lose baby weight quickly. the only time I did was after Kenzie when I went on the depo shot and wasn't told that it cause women to have more of an appetite :)

Had some awesome blueberry oatmeal this morning with a big glass of Addi went straight to bed last night with us having to tell her to get in bed. She was very exhausted from all the excitment last night. So today is her offical birthday and not going to do much really but hang out. I need to start getting things together to take over to Maria's for a week(addi clothes, my clothes, etc.). Oh did I mentioned that the sun rises here at 5:40am!!!!!! What the heck! the sun needs some Ambein or Ritalin or something. Geeze.

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