Monday, May 12, 2008

Pictures today

Addi and Daddy watching TV:
Sydnee's 'Nursery':
Me today at 30 weeks and 2 days:
So I had a nice Mother's Day with Shelby and Kenzie calling me to say they love me and then Aaron and Addi got me a new pink cell phone, pink portable hard drive for my computer, and a Grey's Anatomy 2008 calendar. It was a pretty relaxing day over all. Right now Im just sitting on the couch while Addi watches Barney. No plans for today except to relax. Yesterday I didnt pay attention to eating and only had a bowl of cereal in the morning and then some chips and yogurt in the afternoon. Well, since I didnt 'graze' as I normally do around 8pm I started to feel really nauseous like morning sickness and then got really shakey and hot. Aaron had to take care of me by getting me wet wash clothes, a few cookies to get my blood surgar back up, and then made me eat a chicken pot pie. Then of course he was right and said I need to eat more *rolling of eyes* but I know he's right. I hate it when my blood sugar does that :(

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