Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How ready am I?

If you are having a nursery, is it complete?
*We have a corner in our bedroom all for baby Sydnee with her bed, a book shelf, and a organizer for diapers, clothes, blankets, and burp rags. I might add a few more things but pretty much we are good on the 'nursery'.

If you are cloth diapering, do you have your initial stash?
*Im not using cloth diapers but my lovely friend Mckenzie brought me about 5 packages of different size diapers from 1-3.

Do you have the first few months of clothing yet?
*I have two gowns, 7 foot onsies, and 9 little outfits all either newborn or 0-3 month. I still need more gowns, short sleeve onsies, socks, and a few t-shirts since its going to be very hot.

Are the diapers and clothes washed yet?
*I haven't washed any of the clothes yet but I have washed her blankets and burp rags.

Do you have nursing pads yet?
*No!! Besides stocking on diapers and wipes nursing pads are one of the most important things I need to stock up on. God has blessed me with a very heavy milk supply :)

Do you have nursing clothes yet?
* Nah. I just lift the shirt and nurse, but I do need to get bigger nursing bras!! Come on DD!!!

If you are having a hospital birth, is your suitcase packed?
*I bought a new bag for the hospital but haven't packed it yet. I will have it packed the first week of July.

Any other preps you have yet to do?
*I need to stock up on easy things to feed Addi since Aaron won't be taking a lot of time off from work. i also need to stock up on water and pretty easy things for dinners for Aaron and Addi. I need to get a 'bring home' outfit for Sydnee and make a check list for the things I want to take to the hospital. Besides that there isnt too much stuff that needs to get done besides the baby coming which Im getting really excited about.

So looks like I'm pretty prepared go me!! We are now staying at my in-laws' house for the week watching 4 cats and a german shepard. Since I like to wear black it really shows that I am living with cats lol. they are sweet and Addi likes to play with Jack and Merlin by the front window. My in-laws have a king size number bed which has bed really nice to sleep on cause of my back. For some reason my left kidney was hurting and I couldn't sleep on my left side (which is the most comfortable for me). Its gotten better though. I had some really yummy watermelon today. It was oh so good :)

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