Friday, July 31, 2009

What a wonderful surprise!

Wednesday morning I was at a very early dr appointment and I got a call from Tom (my ex-husband) he said they had driven to Flagstaff, AZ the day before and that they were coming to Phoenix so I could see the girls! It was such a blessing since this weekend was hard. I was able to have them Wednesday evening with them sleeping over and then Addison and I spent the day with them Tom and his parents by swimming and going to the mall. I haven't seen my girls since Christmas 2007 and they hadn't seen Sydnee yet so it was such a treat.

This is the first picture with all four of my girls. They look all alike I think lol

Shelby, Kenzie, and Me

My three big girls

Big sister and little sister

The girls playing in the sandbox

This was really cute with them brushing thier teeth before bed

We played at the play area at the mall and Addi really enjoyed following her sisters around.

In the morning Aaron let the girls feed the fish. This is Kenzie
This is Shelby
We did some swimming at Tom's hotel. Addison, Kenzie, and Shelby were all loving the pool. They were jumping in and the girls are just little fishes lol Thank you again Tom, Barbara and Richard for stopping by. They are heading to Las Vegas today and I know they will have a great time!

While at the mall I bought this Willow Tree figure for my angel. Aaron has one in mind he wants to buy and when he does I show pictures. I have fallen in love with Willow Tree and love collecting them with my snowglobes. This little angel will always have a special meaning :)

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Barb said...

Morgan, I'm so glad we were able to come to Arizona while we were on vacation. The look on your faces was precious. Aaron was so gracious for the few moments I got meet him & I know that the past couple weeks have really been hard on you. Addison is adorable & I was thrilled to be able to see her. The girls really had fun together. When Richard told me we were going on vacation I told him I wanted to take the girls to San Diego to Sea World (San Antonio---too hot). LOL If it had not been for Jake getting hurt we would have been able to stay an extra day in your area and made the trip to CA. As it was though, we decided to do Vegas & take the girls to Mandalay Bay's Aquarium. I know they had a blasst in Vegas. I got sick and was kind of a drag there. I think everyone was glad to get home. It seemed to take longer getting here than going. The girls had a hard time winding down last night. I did too. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the girls. Hope you are feeling better this week.