Friday, July 3, 2009

Iowa 2009

We had a whirl-wind vacation last week which was so much fun! It was our first family vacation together and I want to thank Grandma Wheeler and Keith for inviting us and joining them on the trip to Iowa. It was Sydnee's first airplane ride and me and the girls meeting for the first time Grandma Wheeler.

The girls and I on our flight to Iowa.

We had been up since 4am so once we were in our rental car Sydnee pasted out.

The first thing Addi did once we got to the hotel was jump in bed and say it was nap time. She was really tired too.

We all were ready for a nap.

Caleb, Aaron and Addi waiting for Toys R' Us to open.

Addi was not scared of any mascots at Adventureland.

Sydnee wiped out from a long day at Adventureland.

My little pirate at Long John Silvers

We went to an outdoor church service at Cousin Cindy's church. It was great except it was REALLY windy.

I bought Addi these sunglasses the first day we were in Iowa and she wore them everyday, everywhere.

We went to the family farm where my father-in-law, Keith, grew up. This is Aaron and Addi chasing fireflies. I had never seen them before and it is really quit magical seeing them in person.

This was the farm where Keith and his dad grow and harvested corn and soybeans.

At the family reunion there was a really cool war memorial.

After church on Sunday we went to go pick our own strawberries.

Aaron really wanted Addi to experience it cause he had memories doing it himself.

The Kleins: Me, Addi, Sydnee, and Aaron

The Wheelers: Caleb, Keith, Seth, Maria

having fresh strawberry shortcake and smoothies. I also lost my sunglasses out there :(

The last day were where there we went to Adventureland. We also went to the water park, Lost Island, but I didn't get pictures cause I didn't want to get my camera wet but I did get a big sunburn and hoodie lol

Us ready to go on some roller coasters

On a boat ride

There was at little circus there which had jugglers, a quick change act which was really cool, a clown bike rider, and a BMX trick bike rider. It was fun.

Me and Addi at the circus. Yes I have no makeup and look very tired but it was worth it :)

All if us at the circus.

Everyone went on the Raging River except me and Sydnee.

We were there for 6 days and on our flight home our plane broke down and we were stuck at the airport for 7 hours. We did get a lot of compliments on the babies being good considering everything. Aaron and I were keeping them entertained with pretend, songs, and being silly. We have some great memories of our vacation and family time all together. Now its time to go back to work, we have the 4th tomorrow, and Sydnee's 1st birthday next weekend.

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Barb said...

Guess Aaron got to make the trip after all. Looks like a good time was had by all. Addi is just beautiful. It's too bad Iowa isn't closer to Texas.