Monday, May 3, 2010

All About Me Mondays- Teacher Tribute

So there is a new blog that I have found MommyBrain which has a lot of cool themed post. Im going to try and follow and this one is called 'All About Me Mondays' she gives you a theme for monday and you then post on your blog and link to her site and read others. Its cool.

This week is about a teacher that influenced you. I didn't really have a teacher the influence me but I absolutly admire people who are teachers. They have a patience and a drive that is special to work with people/ I have many family members that are teachers like my cousin Sydney and Aaron's Aunt Jamie is a special needs teacher for kids with delayed learning disabilities.

Teachers should be more apprieciated and paid better for thier hard work they do and the great jobs they do without kids. When I was in junior high we had to take a personality test that would tell us what would be the best job for us. I took it twice and was always told I would be a great teacher. I have patience but I dont think I have enough lol.

My girls have had great teachers so far and I hope Addi, Sydnee, and Kimi are as lucky :)

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Raising Z said...

I myself was a teacher before staying home with my kids and I find this post refreshing :) Teaching is a tough job but it is so worth it.

You have a beautiful family :)