Tuesday, December 1, 2009


YYYYEEEEAAAA!!!!!! So we made it her early Saturday evening with a storm front coming in behind us. The 12 hour drive wasn't bad but tedious. The girls did very good in the car watching movies. Sunday was cold with a high of 43 and raining and then yesterday was 50 or so, but today brought snow this morning and there is more to come!

Sorry the picture is bad.

Aaron and I have scheduled our assessments for what we are hoping is our new jobs tomorrow and Thursday so please pray that we are offered the position :)

The four of us are living in one room o but Aaron is doing a great job of making it our space and homey. We are enjoying the cool weather and taking it one day at a time. We have our goals and one by one we are going to achieve them. We did a little Christmas shopping today for Addi and have budgeted out for the gifts we need. ill be doing some shopping with my mom this weekend so that will be fun.

Please pray that this job we are going for is the one God wants us to be at and succeed for our family.

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