Friday, December 18, 2009

Candlelights at the Ranch and Miracle on 34th St Parade 2009

So it has taken a week to get these up. I have been work my job for a week now and so far so good. Definitely in the mind set of being there for a long time. I will be getting maternity leave of 6 weeks so that is good. Just signed us up for insurance which have really great benefits.

Christmas is exactly a week away and all shopping is done :) I do have to work Christmas Eve 9-6pm but I get Christmas Day off WITH PAY!! Same as New Year's Eve and Day. Addison is getting very excited to open presents. No set plans on Christmas day though since my family does everything Christmas Eve.

Last Friday, Aaron, the girls, and I went to the Ranching Heritage Center for the yearly candlelight walk.
First person we saw was Santa and Addi had a huge smile the whole time!

Sydnee looked so cute bundled up like a little Eskimo baby.

What you do is walk around to these different early settlers house and see people re-enacting how families spent Christmas in the old west. There was a depot where some Cowboys were and one of them gave Addi some 'Cowboy Candy' (which is a peppermint stick). She held tight to it and ate the whole thing. Then we went to the 6666 barn to get hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Sydnee was chugging the hot chocolate.

The next night Tom, Shelby, Kenzie, Addi, and I went to the 5th Annual Miracle on 34th St Parade. Growing up in Lubbock there was one parade per year and it was the 4th on Broadway. For five years now they have the Miracle on 34th St Parade to help with Toys for Tots. Local companies and organizations enter floats to be in the parade and the Marines walk to collect toys for the Toys for Tots.
Here are the girls waiting for the parade to start. They all look the same its funny.

Here are some of the floats.

In the middle of the parade Addi was getting a little restless lol

This was one of Addi's favorite cause she just adores fire trucks and trains.

The US Marine Corp put lights on their vehicles as well. This one is a 5 ton.

And of course at the end of any holiday parade you have SANTA!!!!

After the parade Addi and I went to the store and they had these cute little shopping carts for kids. Addi now asks for one every time we go.

Tom took the three girls to The Polar Express train ride this past Wednesday. I was working so couldn't go but Addi had a blast with riding a train, seeing elves, Santa, drinking hot chocolate, and getting a special bell. Hopefully I will get pictures of that soon :)

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