Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying time with their family and friends. Please also keep in mind those who can't be with loved ones this year especially ones overseas. We are having a wonderful day and I have a ton of pictures to share.

Christmas Eve morning we woke to blizzard warnings and 2-3ft snow drifts! Aaron got the white Christmas he had been hoping for. After the sun came out and the snow started to melt we all knew that it was only time til it all turned to ice. Which it did. But we had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at Nana's then went to communion.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any Santa or morning gift presents cause we were just focusing on enjoying our time. Mom made Christmas bread and I made ham steaks, bacon, and eggs. Oh my goodness was it good. Addi got a Leapster 2 and a VTech camera (which she has taken over 250 by now) and Sydnee got a cute baby in a sling, a talking puppy just to name a few. After the morning, Mom and Carson went to Anson's family's dinner and the other siblings went to their Grandparents for presents. Here are some pictures we took this morning.

I love this one of Sydnee giving me a hug.

Girls were dancing

Baby Sydnee looking tooo cute!

Sydnee's little area she has been playing in all morning with the toys she got today.

Aaawwww, Aaron got socks lol j/k he loves them. (And needs them!)

My cute little family. To think we will have another little girl to add to the mix.

Sydnee and her daddy

Tom and the girls came over to exchange gifts.

Addi got some cute clothes, books, a leapster game, and this really cute jacket.

Shelby showing off her money. I gave the girls a little diamond necklace with their initial on it.

Mom got Kenzie an art set cause she has really been into it lately from what Tom says.

Sydnee wanted to open a gift bad but she was patient.

After Tom and the girls left, Aaron really wanted a Christmas dinner and even though I'm making yummy tacos tonight he was really craving that turkey and dressing meal. So we bundled up and headed to Furr's for a great Christmas lunch. Luckily we got there before a huge rush. Aaron got a plate of turkey, ham, roast beef, with the fixings and was in Heaven.

Sometimes it is so hard to get that little girl to smile...
So a little update on this Christmas about Kimber:

How far along? 22 weeks

How big is Baby? 10.5-11.8 inches and a little over a pound. The size of a papaya. (She is still my Jellybean)
Total weight gain/loss: gained 3lbs since lasted checked at Thanksgiving.
Maternity clothes? going shopping for clothes the January 2nd for good sales since I only have FOUR shirts I can wear lol.
Stretch marks? just recycling the old ones lol
Sleep: sleep is still erratic and not continuous but I think I'm getting enough rest at night.
Best moment this week: my belly really popping out now and enjoy this Christmas with my family this year.
Movement: LOTS! She is very active after 6pm and its so cool when its just enough to feel but not kicking the crap out of you!
Food cravings: I want a bean and cheese burrito with extra cheese and a large vanilla dr pepper EVERYDAY!!!!
Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL...that's what I'm good at :)
Labor Signs: Ive started to get one or two contracts everyday, but that just my body getting ready for this little one.
Belly Button in or out? In so far, but it will flatten out in a few weeks
What I am looking forward to: hospital tour, getting a house so to do a nursery, and continuing training for work, and bringing in 2010 with my husband.
Milestones: I am over half way done, feeling good, hip doesn't hurt anymore, and the baby is growing right like she should :)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Barb said...

Hi Morgan,
Looks like you had quite a Christmas.You are looking quite well. Haven't been by your blog in a while. When you cut your hair, weren't you brunette for a while? The girls look adorable all together. I was sorely disappointed that we didn't get to see Addi on Christmas. I would love to have a photo of all five of our granddaughters together. Richard hasn't even gotten to see Addi since you have beeen back in town. Had Aaron found a job yet? How do you like your job? How is your Mom. Bet she is busy with her nursing job. Robin is working for Advance Home Care & Hospice. That is who Malizza is working for. She is also still working as a paramedic. She is 11 weeks along & I'm sure Tom told you the big news that they are having TWINS!!! She will found out if they are identical or fraternal at the DRs exam after he has looked at the ultrasound. they are both in their own sac, but the Ultrasound Tech wasn't sure if there was one placenta.They can still be identical if they are in their own sac, but if there are two placentas, they are fraternal. I teased Malizza when she first told us that they were pregnant. She told us that this would be this would be the last one & I said, then you better have twins-a boy & a girl. LOL Anyway we are over the moon at the idea of having SEVEN grandchildren.
Also Congratulations on having a daughter. I didn't know that! And her name is going to be Kimber? If you named her Kimberly it would fit in with Shelby, Kenzie, Addi. All those ee names. J/K Kimber is pretty. Do you have a middle name picked out?
We had a good Christmas. Didn't make it to Slaton on Christmas. Because of the roads...remember Mary (Richard's sister-the one you asked if she'd had a facelift, because she doesn't look her age?She's 72 now)Bob, her late husband had a stroke about 15 yrs ago. He passed abt 5 or 6 yrs ago. She has finally found love. She is as giddy as a school girl. They are going to be getting married. He treats her so good. He used to be a Railroader, so Richard knows him. She has to have surgery in Jan. I don't know if they are going to get married before or after.
Well, I hope you continue to feel well. Be careful out there on that ice!