Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

There is 18 days til Christmas and I have ALL my shopping done except for one gift. Pretty good, huh? We have been in Lubbock for over a week now and the current temp is 25!!

Mom put the tree up yesturday but is waiting to do ornaments for all us kids to help but I dont know how that will work lol. Aaron and Erik put up outdoor lights and they did a great job. I thought I would also change my blog background to go with the season :)

As of now I am starting my new job on Monday and very excited to do so. I am planning on making this a career and staying with the company for a long time *fingers crossed*

Little baby girl is growing big and all her test came back normal and healthy. Thank you Lord!!! We have decided to name her Kimber Bryce-Bailey Klein

KIMBER: Leader Of The Warriors

We think that is the perfect name for her :)

Below is how big she is:

I have wrapped all my gifts and I can't wait for Christmas morning for the girls and Aaron to open all thier gifts. We are going to see Glenn Becks's The Christmas Sweater on Thursday and then the Candlights at the Ranch on Friday. Very excited for some holiday traditions I use to do as a kid and share with the girls. Pictures to follow.

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