Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tell us what you feed your toddlers/preschoolers

I have been blessed with children that are not very picky with their meals. Yes they do have their favorites but usually they are great. Kelly’s Korner is featuring what you feed you toddler/preschoolers and with me having a preschooler, toddler, AND baby I thought this would be good for me to add my two cents.

Now I will have to be honest, I wish I had the time to spend fixing gourmet lunches and dinners but with working full time I do my best so please don’t judge lol.

So here are a few things we like to eat for meals,

Cereal (we do a rotation so we don’t get tired of one kind. Currently the kids are liking Captain Crunch Berries)
Strawberry instant oatmeal
Chocolate chip pancakes(only on Family Sunday morning breakfast)
Scrambled eggs with cheese and chalua hot sauce (don’t ask me why but my kids like it spicy)

PB&J or PB&B (peanut butter and banana)
EZ MAC microwaveables
Hot dog and ketchup with apple sauce

Marinade chicken (lowery’s garlic and herb) with mashpotatoes
Spaghetti ( we have this at least once a wekk)
Hamburger Helper (Aaron and the kids fav)
Chicken A La Leslie (recipe in blog archives)

Fruit snacks
Jello cups
Cheese sticks
Capri suns bag drinks

So there is kind of a rundown of my kiddos favorite things to eat. Of course there are those recipes I try new and no one likes but hey at least I try 

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