Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Routine

My new morning routine

6:45am-wake up

7:00am- get girls up and changed

7:15am- breakfast

8:00am- clean around the house/pick up girls room

8:30am- lay Kimber down for morning nap

9am- get ready for work

10:45am- leave for work

It’s a work in progress (I really hate getting out of bed) and my days off differ but I am trying to get into a steady routine for me and the girls. I think that will make me feel better and not feel lazy and I know it will help Aaron out too with things around the house.

I really want to learn a easy but yummy recipe to make fresh baked bread. If you have one let me know cause I would love the smell of my home be love and fresh baked bread mmmmmm 

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