Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My new hobby

For those who have been wanting to know what I have been up to in my oh so rare free time I have started painting personalized canvas art for some family and friends. Since I have 5 girls I have been working on some for them that I will show soon but for boys I have made a few for my close friends.

The first two are for my friend Lacye who just had her second little boy, Paxton, two days after I had Kimber. Her oldest, Maddox, was born six months before Sydnee so they are close to the same age as well.

This pirate theme one I made for my SIL Crystal's little boy, Bram, who is 8 weeks older then Kimber. His room is pirate theme so I thought this would go perfect in there.
This one is for my friend Ashli who I definitly consider a super mom since she is a doula, does henna, baking, and photography while being a full time mom to 4 kids. I thought I was busy.

I am thinking of selling some but don't know if Im good enough for people to buy them. We shall see. It will be more for a hobby than for a profit. I am working on ones for SK, Kenzie, Addi, and Sydnee so we can see some girly ones :)


FiDesigns said...

Your paintings look awesome! You should think about making a site on etsy.com

Barb said...

Very cute. Your recipients will surely love them. Can't wait to see more.