Saturday, June 5, 2010

Letter of Intent Friday


Dear People who live in the apartment above me,

I understand that there will be some noise when having someone live right above you and I understand that you have a right to do as you please as well, but why oh why must you stomp as hard as you can when you walk? Drop things right over my sleeping baby's bed?

Why even after three complaints to the front office AND a visit from the curtiousy officer must you STILL make as much noise as possible when you are home?

Please have some curtiousy for my little ones and my sanity a be a little more quiet.

Thank you,

The complainers living under you


Dear Apartment Front Office,

It is soo hot outside PLEASE open the pool so we may find some relief.

Thank you,

Melting Away


Leann said...


Just stopping by for some Pink Saturday fun. Hope things get better with your neighbors.


Sherry from Alabama said...

Bless your heart, raising children in an apartment with loud neighbors! You sure are blessed with beautiful children though. I just stopped by early for Pink Saturday and wanted to say a very q-u-i-e-t "Welcome" (just in case the babies are still sleeping).

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday...
I can so relate....we live next door to nice people with little consideration for others...It is just that they do not THINK!

She works all day...he works from home and takes care of the children. I am sure the children are very happy with this arrangement as she is a those little children...three of the four are adopted. Loud at 7:30am under windows where we are sleeping, screaming at them to get in the car....let the dog out in the middle of the night banging doors and the car doors are slammed so hard on a regular basis that I have finally stopped jumping, but it rattles the windows....and I wonder why those doors have not fallen off the car!! lol!
We have a family of 9..his, mine and our one....the car radios were never allowed up for others to hear...atleast in the neighborhood! lol (I do know how kids are )
Parties were kept as quiet as possible and the neighbors informed before we had one and on and on....people seem to have lost any sensitivity to their neighbors and manners? What are those today....
Well, I guess you see you got me started...
Welcome to Pink Saturday...Come say HI.

LV said...

That is a bad situation you are in. It is sad, but so many people show no respect or courtesy anymore. I trust the renters above will move soon, and you will get some old biddy like me - nice and quiet. Enjoyed your blog and am joining your other friends as a follower.

Anonymous said...

Hello and a very happy Pink Saturday to you!!

It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

Nan said...

Hello and welcome to Pink Saturday. Come to Alaska it's quite cool in the summer here in the south.
Take Care

Pat said...


JEANNE said...

Hi Morgan, I hope your letter of intent works. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Morgan, Noisy neighbors are the worst, aren't they? Especially when you are trying to raise a family! Try playing soft music, or nature sounds and wear ear plugs! I look forward to visiting you again, try to have a Happy Pink Saturday! Marcia

Gracie Jewellery said...

When we were first married we lived on the top floor of an apartment building. The people beside us used to party every night and the guy below us used to beat his wife. It was just awful. And it was a fairly expensive apartment building. One night around 2am my husband and the guy across the hall went and confronted the guy downstairs, not a good scene. We lived there 10 months and the only thing I miss about that place were the multiple washers and dryers. I hope it gets better for you. Happy Pink Saturday!

Beverly said...

I came by to welcome you to your first Pink Saturday, Morgan.

I am so sorry that you are going through this frustration. I hope it gets better very soon.

俊茹 said...