Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Camping 2009 **LOTS OF PICTURES**

The Kleins and Wheelers took a little camping trip this past weekend. We headed up to Sharp Creek which is 20 minutes north of Payson, AZ. Apparently, the day we left (Sunday) there was a wildfire that had been started and people have now been evacuated. Please pray for all those who had to leave their homes. We had a great time and made a lot of memories with our family. I have never been camping before so this was a first for me. Miss Sydnee had a hard first night but the next night was a lot better. I was a great mini-vacation.

We headed out Friday afternoon with a truck and SUV topped to the brim with supplies.

The girls were really ready to head out. I love the look on Addison's face.

Sydnee is always my little miss sunshine.

This is the girls waiting patiently while we set up the tents.

Addi loved finding pine cones and going on explorations. We went on a lot of walks around the sight and at night you could hear the elk and coyotes. Eerie but very cool.

The Wheeler Dome (left) and Klein Compound (right)

Grandma and Sydnee going on their own nature walk. I had bought Sydnee her first pair of tennis shoes and when we let her she was walking all over the place.

I just love how she is exploring.

After the tents were set up it was time for a snack with Uncle Seth.

Brian was a little freaked out but with getting special dinners and sleeping under blankets he was a happy camper.

Sydnee spent some time in the wrap which she enjoyed or she was in her play pin.

Maria (Aaron's mom) and Seth making our first dinner. Beef Stew.

This stew was soo yummy and having a Mike's Lemonade with it made it all that better.


She makes the silliest faces.

Our first night by the campfire making s'mores.


Yummy Marshmellows

The next morning Sydnee was up before everyone and took it upon herself to wake up Addi. Too cute.

This is my favorite picture of Addison and her daddy. I want to get this one framed. I'm on a printing of pictures phase lol

Me and Sydnee waiting on Daddy to make us a fire cause it was freezing!

Frosted Flakes, breakfast of champions!

Graham Crackers

Maria and Aaron making breakfast sandwiches for all of us.


Little Sydnee

We went to Tonto National Bridge which has a beautiful waterfall. You can walk down about 300 feet and go into the cave. We had Brain (our puppy) and dogs weren't allowed so we went to the view points and got some great pictures.

The Kleins

This was a hole at the top of the bridge where you could look straight down to the bottom of the waterfall. If you look close you can see people.

After the bridge we went up on the Rim to a lake were we caught crawdads. By we I mean Aaron and the boys lol. Aaron caught about 6 and brought them home to put in the fish tanks.

They were pretty big too.

This is RIGHT on the Rim where the dropoff is straight down! Aaron was scaring me and his mom with getting so close to the edge.

I wanted a picture of us by the edge but then Aaron was pulling me closer and I was really freaking out. Can you tell I'm trying to resist? LOL

It came out great though.

On the way back to camp we stopped at a little country store to get some ice and firewood. I thought the elk was really cool.

Our last walk the morning we left. Over all it was so nice to be in the fresh air, cool weather, and spend time together as a family. I want the girls to be exposed to a lot of family time and trips and I think camping as they get older with be a big memory in thier childhood. Now I do have to admit that I missed my blackberry and computer but it was nice not to have to mess with those things either. We want to make it a yearly event.

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