Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jellybean 8 weeks 9/21/09

Went to the Dr yesterday for a ultrasound and checkup. Baby looks great and has a heartbeat of 143. My due date is officially May 1, 2010. I finally got some meds for my horrible migraines, extreme nausea, and pills to help prevent kidney infections. I like my Dr's office and all of them are really nice. I'll be having this babe at a different hospital than last time so I hope they have good food :) So far I have been really fatigued and not wanting to eat anything. My Dr said my headaches are so bad cause I quit Dr pepper and coffee cold turkey so my body was having violent withdrawals! Addison has said she wants a baby brother so we are all having our fingers crossed this is a boy :) Here is a picture of jellybean.

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