Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have been in the homemade mode lately. I made yummy, from scratch, sugar cookies and this morning I made chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. Very good. I have taken a job babysitting a set of twins, Matt and Mandy, who are the same age as Sydnee. Its fun having them around cause it shows me what it would have been like if I had triplets lol. We went to their 1st birthday party last night and enjoied being around adults lol.

All is good in the Klein house. Aaron has been working really hard lately. Shelby and Kenzie start school on Monday and they are very excited about that. We are going camping next weekend for two days which will be an adventure lol. Ill take pictures for sure.

September 6th will be the girls baby dedication at church which we are also very excited about. Have to go get the girls ready to go into town. ***Sparkles***!

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