Thursday, August 6, 2009

This and That

I am currently working on a blog but I am waiting for a few things. So I will do a quick one. I am sitting here at 7:44am with the girls still asleep and trying to type as quiet as possible cause you know little kids have sonar ears when they want to get up in the morning but CAN'T hear a thing when you tell them to clean their room lol.

Aaron and I are praying work stays good since we are on a little shaky ground with Aaron's work. Nothing he did of course but with the economy now a days its bound to through some snags into the equation. He is working today which is always good every morning. I worked with Aaron on Tuesday up in Prescott and some of the houses we went to were gorgeous! Awesome views of the mountains, a lot of space, we always look at a house we like with one thing in mind, "How will it look at Christmas?" Thats our favorite time of year :)

I think I have slacked off a little since leaving for vacation. There is usually always dishes on the counter or a pile of laundry that needs to be done or folded. I need to know get back into a 'chores routine' so that the house is nice and neat (well as much as it can be with a 3 and 1 year old) for when Aaron comes home.

Girls are doing great with Sydnee now walking (very fast I might add) and annoying Addi sometimes. Too funny. We are also looking at all our option and thinking about maybe moving to Lubbock, Tx in the spring. Of course we have to make sure Aaron has a job and we have a place to live but its an option. Its just soo dang hot out that we can't go outside without a pool all some so that is one reason. Reason number 2 is my girls. I could have all for of them together every other weekend which I know Addison would love!
The girls should be getting up soon. Tata for now.

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