Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Home

Thirteen gallons of paint, ten rolls of tape, three days of painting, and one week of moving in we are offically home! We are so excited and exhausted at the same time. The girls love their rooms and we all love the great space we have. Last night Aaron and I sat outside and looked up at the milky way pointing out different stars and planets.

For us this is a great blessing and we are thanking God everyday. We still have boxes to unpack and the tv and internet guys are coming today. Thanks to Crystal and Tammy for all thier help with painting, taping, and watching the girls. Thanks to Magnum and McKenzie for moving the rest of our furniture from Gilbert to Maricopa. Thanks to my wonderful husband for driving multiple trips back and forth with things from the house. Thanks again guys.

Below are pictures of the house painted and decorated:

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