Monday, March 9, 2009

Feeding the ducks

We went to the pond in our new community where there are some ducks and feed them some bread. Addi enjoyed it and Sydnee liked sitting in the stroller waiting everything around her. Im trying to get the girls outside more because not just for them being pasty but also it will get so hot soon they won't be able to go out:( Here are a few pictures below.

Addi and I started the letter A today with the help of daddy. We then played with some play-doe and then played outside and had a snack on the patio table. Now she is watching 'Kung-foo Panda' and soon it will be luch time. Wow this morning has flown by.

Aaron has been calling over 20 different job oppertunties this morning and has gotten a few job interviews. Pray that something works out.

Don't have quiet the case of the Mondays but I am trying to get into the groove of things to have a schedule and routine.

Sundays: Church and Laundry, clip coupons
Mondays: School
Tuesdays: School, walk outside
Wednesdays: School, clean house
Thursdays: School
Fridays: School
Saturdays: clean house, errons
We will see how that works out lol

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