Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arizona Department of Corrections

Aaron has been presented with a wonderful opportunity. Our friend Magnum his father works at the Florence prison her in Arizona. He is helping Aaron get into COTA (Correctional Officer Training Academy) to become a correctional officer in Florence. He will be getting paid during the academy which we have read is 9 weeks long in Tucson, AZ which is two hours away from our home.

It is great income and steady long term career. Please, please pray that everything goes smoothly. Magnum's dad is rushing everything for Aaron so he can get in asap. The most we have to wait is a month to a month and a half. In the mean time Aaron is looking for any work to pay our bills right now.

It will be the first time Aaron has been away from our family longer than a day but it is worth it for him to be doing something that he will succeed at.

I am very proud of Aaron and I know he will do well.

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