Saturday, April 26, 2008


So in my earlier post I said i had to get an ultrasound and then I did but only posted pictures so here's the update...
baby is measuring fine and is very healthy and definitely a girl :) The only thing they found was a cyst on the placenta which we were told is not a big deal and everything looks great so we were very happy after the ultrasound. I was doing a little research on a Placental Cyst and didn't find a lot but what I did find was a little concerning so I'm just going to wait to see if the Dr calls next week if something is wrong or Ill just see him on the 7Th. So far so good :) So beginning of July this little one will make her appearance.

Date night was fun. Aaron and I went to Logan's Steakhouse and then to his brothers' play. Aaron is just pretty exhausted cause of his work schedule so it was nice for time together. Addi of course had fun at Grandma's and we will be celebrating her birthday next week.

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