Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yep...just like back in 1997 with the famous Phoenix lights, last night around 8pm four red lights appeared in the sky in north Phoenix (Deer Valley area) and were there for 15-30 mintues. (<----The best picture I could find from the lights last night.) So, are they returning? Who knows. From what I read this morning the 1997 lights the military finally said were flares but of course no one ever believes the government or military anymore. Why is it that 'sightings' or 'encounters' only happen in the middle of nowhere or on a quiet street with only one car driving? You have to get the most hickish people on tv..I think Monster's Inc. did a great parady with that one lol. My opinion?...Who knows. I grew up with my mom telling us that aliens were demons and not smart beings from another planet.

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