Thursday, April 24, 2008


Had a doctor's appointment yesturday and didn't go so well. For one Ive gained 20lbs now and I am measuring larger than I should so I need to go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Im just very stressed out and I need not to be. Maybe I will have a 10lb baby like Aaron wants lol. So we could be looking at moving the due date up so we will see.

On another note, Addi gets to go to Grandma's tonight so Aaron and I get a date night. We are going to his brothers' play "The Music Man" so should be fun. We get some 'no baby time' which isn't going to happen very after baby is here. Going to miss Grey's Anantomy tonight *tear* but I will just watch it on the computer tomorrow to help easy my mind.

So send good thoughts and vibes my way to relax and for baby to be ok and healthy.

OT: Apparently the red lights seen the other night are supposibly road flares on ballons that was a prank..dang backwoods hicks!!

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