Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MAK Reviews: Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir

So I have decided to start a section called 'MAK Reviews'. I'll be reviewing things I personally use and give my two cents of how it is. I like reading reviews and thought, "Hey I could do that!"

Here is my first offical review- Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir

My sweet husband bought this for me last week. It came as a kit except for the center bottle which I bought seperate. It comes with creamy lotion, creamy shower/bath gel, a small perfume, and a larger perfume with one of those old fashioned ball sprayers. I found out about this scent from my awesome friend Monica you was letting me use it almost everyday so I had to get my own lol

It is a very delicate smell and comes in pink packaging which I love! Here is the description from VS website, Sexy Little Things Noir™ is an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic orchid.

I got the set for $58.00 and then the extra bottle for $22.00 well worth the price. I feel very pretty and a little sexy when I put it on and what girl doesn't like that? If you are looking for something that last a long time on you but not overbearing and you really want to invest in something that is timeless I would definitly suggest Sexy Little Things Noir.

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