Tuesday, May 19, 2009

15 straight days of triple digits

Here in the Valley of the Sun it has been 100 or high for the past 15 days. By 8 am it is usually 85 or up and then the pressure builds and we get thunderstorms at night :) We haven't gone to the park because it has gotten so hot so quickly in the mornings. I am going to try and get the girls out tomorrow morning.

My sunflowers are sprouting and growing really fast.

The wildflowers are about an inch high now.

My potted plants are all sprouted except the herbs :( Maybe they just take longer.

Memorial day is coming up quickly. Anyone have plans? I don't think we are doing anything. I made some really yummy peanut butter and fudge brownies the other day which are amazing! I am baking too much which is not helping the weight lol.
May 30th is Aaron's Aunt's 50th birthday party which should be fun. I will make sure to post pictures on it. Not much else going on here. Thats why I haven't posted lol. Don't lose faith in me my followers. I will come through for you guys lol.

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