Friday, May 15, 2009

Die Hard Grey's Anatomy Fans

OMG! Was Grey's not the BEST since the season finale of when Denny died?!?!?! I was in tears, thought it was great writing and a great season finale. George went out great!! I have watch the attached video 5 times this morning cause it is such a great ending. If you watch Grey's you understand, if not you are TOTALLY missing out lol

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Barb said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day. I hope it was a good day for you. I have a hard time finding the place leave a comment on you entries. LOL Anyway, love all your little plants. Tom's been doing a lot of gardening for me. He & the girls planted a LOT of seeds in one flower bed. Today he planted my tomato plants, red bell pepper, the day before some climbing flowers I bought called clematis. He bought me a small rose bush a couple months ago which bloomed for the first time today (Friday).
Love your bath decorations and wish I could get my hands on one of those truffles! LOL
Kiss the girls for us. Have a good weekend.