Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prayers for Aaron

As many of you may or may not know my husband Aaron was in the Army and deployed to Iraq for a long and drawn out 15 months. Like many soldiers he received injuries due to combat and Aaron has been going to the VA for medical reasons. On Friday, we drove up to Amarillo, Tx which is about 2 hours from our home town to the VA hospital to get a Echo-gram and CT scan. The CT scan was for his TBI (traumatic bran injury) and the Echo-gram was for his hard condition he has had since after a year in service. He has bad chest pains that can bring him to his knees as if someone is stabbing him in the middle of his chest. They were never able to diagnose what it was exactly before he was discharged from the Army and the doctors at the VA are now trying to figure out what it is. During the Echo-gram the tech looked concerned and said they they can now see what is wrong now that he was probing the problem and he also focused on his liver. Well of course, the tech can't tell you any diagnosis because the cardiologist has to make that decision. However, we are a little concern about the findings and wont know what they truly found out for about two weeks. Please pray for Aaron and our family as we wait and place calmness all around Aaron. He is being treated for other things as well which I may post after we have more information. God has us go through everything for a reason and we are truly believing in that and relying on Him to show us His plan.

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