Thursday, April 14, 2011

My 28 favorite things

In celebrating my 28th birthday I decided to do 28 of my favorite things. Of course, I have more but these are my top 28 Favorite things:

1. My four blond hair blue eyed girls and one brunette brown eyed baby
2. Starbuck’s Carmel Macchiato Coffee with extra caramel
3. REALITY SHOWS (enough said)
4. My awesome hp Windows 7 flower computer
5. Aaron, my absolute handsome strong husband (who deals with me on a day to day basis)
6. The smell of fresh cute summer grass in the evening
7. PINK PINK PINK (maybe that’s why I have 5 girls hehe)
8. Blogging
9. Crafts/DIY projects (I wish I could do more)
10. Trying new makeup styles
11. Grey’s Anatomy (I have watched it since the first episode and I named my daughter after Addison)
12. Baking
13. Collecting heirlooms from different family members
14. Getting big hugs from Sydnee
15. Watching Shelby grow into a gorgeous sweet young lady
16. Kenzie being a great big sister to Addison
17. Addi thriving in school and learning things so quickly
18. Kimber knowing she is the baby of the family and knowing how to melt your heart
19. Reading anything by Jodi Picoult
20. Receiving a new catalog in the mail
21. Steel Magnolias (named my oldest after Julia Robert’s character Shelby)
22. Painting
23. Going out for dinner with hubby
24. Nivea chap stick in Touch of Milk and Honey
25. Christmas
26. My pink pokadot coffee cups my Nana gave me
27. My HP windows 7 flower laptop
28. Knowing that all 5 of my girls are happy and healthy

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cookingjunkie500 said...

I absolutely love jodi picoult! im reading her right now (: