Saturday, June 20, 2009

So much to do....So little time

The girls and I leave for vacation on thursday. Since our finacial situation is shaky Aaron will not be able to go with us :( We are bummed but its for the best. I need to start packing because I need to make sure I have everything together and not doing it last minute. Addi is excited about flying on an airplane so I think that will be her favorite part. I will definitly have a lot of pictures to post.

We went to the maricopa library grand opening and are offical card holds lol.

They had a Color Guard and bagpipes which were really cool.

Skylar(my nephew) and Addi got a custom book bag to mark the special occasion. Addi loves going to the library and picking new books and reads them over and over everyday. I love that she loves books.
Aaron has been working so hard and is doing a great job. The girls and I have been trying to not get cabin fever since we only have one car and Aaron needs it for work. I have new curtains to hang, bags to pack, and a grocery store run and Father's day. Wow busy end of the month.

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