Monday, May 6, 2013

Trip to AZ Pt 1

We took a little trip to Arizona last week for the Hubb's brother's play. On the way there we always stop in Lordsberg, NM for gas and they have a fireworks store there. We picked up some sparklers for the kiddos and also saw Herbie The Love Bug.

The trip takes 12 hours from Texas to Arizona so Aaron and I always leave around 1-2am so we can arrive around lunch. Once we arrive of course we had to jump in the pool.

I as usual got my sun on.

We had some yummy sandwiches once my nephews Skeylar and Bram showed up.

Then came  FIREWORKS!!





As always you want a good pic with the Hubbs and this is what you get. I'LL TAKE IT LOL

The trip was great and always love seeing my AZ family. Ill write a separate post about Suessical the Musical.

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