Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The babies

Since Addi is in school, the little girls have been getting a lot of attention. Let me just say that these girls are such a joy. They love each other but like most sisters can fight and annoy each other, which to be honest is kind of funny sometimes.

My Sydnee is such a sweet-heart. Since she is 4 and her speech isn't very good we will be taking her to speech therapy to help. She is so smart and does know what things are but has a hard time pronouncing them which does cause frustration for both her and I.

I just love this picture of her at the playground.

Kim kim is something else. She definitly knows that she is the baby and gets away with it. She's bossy to her sisters, she has attitude, but she loves sitting with me and Aaron watching movies, being sweet, and is just plain silly.

Sydnee meditating for relaxation 

Princess Kim

Who doesn't like bubbles?!

They both have thier daddy's smile.

4th of July watching Dad and Addi set off some fireworks.

Yes, she dressed herself that day.