Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy and Kimber's Favorite Things

Kimber is now a week and two days and we have been doing great. She is a great breastfeeder and a pretty good sleeper. So far there are a few things the we can't live without because the make everyday life so much easier for us...

Mam binkies, these are the same kind that Sydnee uses and they are great.

Nivea Lotion, more for me cause my skin has been super duper dry since the delivery. I just love how it soaks in and my skin feels a 100 times better.

Fisher-Price Nature's Touch Cradle Swing, now here is the big blessing, Kimber is in her swing a good deal of the day since Im taking care of three girls. She loves it and I think if I let her she would be in it all the time lol

Circo Swaddle blankets, my SIL Crystal told me about these, she got the star/car ones for her little boy Bram and they are so soft and big. They are perfect for swaddling. She is in one all day. She is definitly a swaddle baby.

Crico Plush blanket, my MIL Maria got this for Kimber at my virtual baby shower. Kimber always has this cause its super comfy and very girl too. I think we have our snuggle ( thats what the girls' call thier special blankets they each have.)

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump, this was also a gift from my MIL. It has been working great and its what I will be using when I go back to work so Kimber can be a boobie baby lol

Vitamin Water, I like water but sometimes it gets old so I drink a lot of vitamin water which has electrolytes, calories, and is a lot better then plain old water. My favorite is Tropical Citrus which is also called 'Energy' lol go figure.

We sleeping is rough for me I get about 5 hours of total sleep. There are times that I have fallen asleep sitting up with Kimi and Aaron has to wake me up and tell me to go to bed. Kimi has a 2 week appointment next Monday and I will give a update.
Addison is turning the big 4 on Sunday so we are having a birthday party (yes there will be pictures) We still haven't decided what to get her yet but I am taking her some day this week to go pick out her cake. She wants a princess cake so we will see. Tim to go feed Kimber.

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