Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think God is trying to show us something.

So in my preivous post I had asked for prayers on a house that we were hoping to get. Trying to not get my hopes up on that house we decided to go to Maricopa again today and look at a few more homes. We weren't finding much luck with the ones we went to and then the very last home was like God shining a light down.

This house is cheaper and has everything already done so no extra money on fixing carpet or appliences. It is a three bedroom two bath with tile in high traffic areas. I humoungous kitchen that my mom would be jealous of lol and a great backyard. It is 1666 sq feet so just a little smaller that then the other house. If we don't get this one we will still try for the other. We are putting in our applications today so hopefully before the end of the week we will know if we got approved or not.

Please once again pray that this house comes through and we have a beautiful home to raise our daughters. I have attached pictures with describtions on the rooms:

This is the huge kitchen with all appliances and room to host holidays at our home this year!

This is the living room and attached is this unique den in an orange paint color. We hace decided to make that Aaron's area or he likes to call it 'The Man Cave'. The ugly lungfish and xbox will go in this area.

This is the a view of the living room from the entry way. The fans are in every room which is great!

This is the master bedroom.

This is the laundry room.

The next three are pictures of the backyard.

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